The latest series in Lost in Plovdiv will make you laugh and watch out what you are talking at the bar


Working over a bar has some drawbacks (like too much music, for example, and tempting access to beer at any time), but there are also several advantages. You hear some conversations that, taken out of the context or even quite purposefully said are a great way to unwind for a moment from the work routine and to distract yourself with something fun, for example.

The latest series of the digital guide under the hills will reveal to you those few overheard things that we write down and have fun with after a particularly busy work day. Why not laugh together?

Customer: “Do you have Margarita?”

Bartender: “We have chamomile tea.”

Words randomly said to the bartender: “Hey, A., you’re very handsome. I don’t know how you handle yourself!?”

A customer on Monday after a Christmas party and obviously a drinking spree comes to the bar and asks the bartender: “Hi, did you by chance find a head left here?”

A bartender to a customer who thinks it’s too early for alcohol: “It’s never too late for vodka or too early for rakia.”

A hot day in April. A lady asks the bartender: “What kind of beer do you serve?”

The bartender helpfully starts to recite: “We have craft beer, ale, dark beer, lager, of this brand and that brand…” After at least a minute of reciting, the bartender catches his breath and before continuing the lady interrupts him: “And why do you have to confuse people!?”


A barefoot lady with blue hair enters the bar and says: “I’m not crazy, it’s just that my shoes were torn off!”

Customer: “Do you have a Galapagus beer?”

After a brief (not really) clarification with the bartender it turns out that the beer is actually Glarus.

An older lady enters the bar and wonders what to order: “Do you have something like a grapefruit, some juice… um, I want something sour?”

The staff always ready with an offer: “We can offer you a sour beer, for example!?”