Finding a place to leave your car in the center is a real challenge and quite often the space is filled quickly


Some time ago we prepared a text about parking in the city under the hills, in which we explained in detail the scope and characteristics of the blue and green zones in our city. However, finding a place to leave your car in the center is a real challenge and quite often the space is filled quickly. In such cases paid separate areas can definitely be very helpful to leave your vehicle and enjoy your walk or stay without thinking about regular renewal. They usually charge every hour and the price is around BGN 3.

There are two options for municipal parking, one of which is probably the most famous of all of us – the parking lot in front of Hotel Trimontium:

It is located next to the square in front of the Central Post Office and is an excellent starting point for a walk along the longest pedestrian street. The disadvantages are that it is the most preferred and therefore one of the first options that quickly fill up on weekends.

Municipal parking lot on 4-ti yanuari Street

(marked on the map)

It is located behind the building of the High School of Humanities and is close to the Kapana district. It allows the parking of 130 cars and being a little away from the pedestrian main area, is much less busy.

Ivan Vazov Street

Right in front of the Unicredit Bulbank building and on the other side of the Trimontium Hotel. It is small, the cars are densely parked next to each other and there is not much room for maneuver, but it also works on Sundays.

Opalchenska Street

You have to enter from the crossroads of Thursday Market and Saedinenie Square for it. Price per hour - BGN 3. Working hours – until 7 pm. No cars are left overnight.

The parking lot on Sofroniy Vrachanski and Petko Karavelov streets

Very little space, literally for a few cars, and its location isn’t even on Google maps. If there is no space on Opalchenska Street, turn right to get out of this part of the center and look to the left for a spot with a wire fence.

The parking lot behind Saedinenie Square near Business Center Plovdiv

You can enter it from Maritsa Blvd. after crossing the Pedestrian Bridge. In the business building itself there is a restaurant, a beauty studio and various legal services. You can easily reach the Main Street, the part closer to Kapana, through the underpass.

Underground parking in Kapana district, 11 Frederic Joliot Curie Street

Opening hours are between 8 am and 8 pm every day and is the only covered facility in the area.

The other locations for leaving your car are rather in the direction of Old Plovdiv. For them you can enter from Zhelezarska Street.

Parking lots on Konstantin Stoilov Street (there are two in close proximity to each other) and the parking lot next to the Church of the Holy Mother of God.

In case you are planning a visit to the Bishop’s Basilica, for example, you can use the parking lot near the Monday market.

Sometimes driving in the city center can be a real adventure, so we always recommend that, if possible, leave your vehicle further away and take a walk and explore the city.