Once you find yourself in the party atmosphere at Kapana, you wouldn’t want to leave it

The nightlife in Plovdiv is thriving and fun moments lurk from everywhere. After revealing the first two of the most popular party routes in Plovdiv you can see here:

Party itinerary in Plovdiv – Part 1

Party itinerary in Plovdiv – Part 2

it is time to reveal to you what is the third nightlife route in the ancient city.

This time, the best Plovdiv guide goes directly to the small paved streets of Kapana, where you can find a variety of places where you can spend merry moments in a pleasant company.

We’ll start with the cult Plovdiv beer house which gathers customers from near and far, Cat & Mouse. This is a craft beer bar where you’ll feel the real pleasure of the craft beer. Dozens of different kinds of craft beer are waiting to be tasted. In Cat & Mouse you will find both a selection of European beers and boutique collections of small breweries that would satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of liquid hops. We should uncover the most curious thing - just a few months ago the bar created its own beer with two different flavors, which can be tasted only in the craft beer bar. You certainly shouldn’t miss this experience!

After drinking a few beers and sharing the different tastes with friends, we head to a new place in the heart of the creative district, which definitely deserves your attention. This is the boutique bar Barber&Cat, which will win you with great cocktails. The place is small, with an impressive cozy interior and friendly bartenders who know what to offer. In addition to the well-known classics, you can ask for the bartenders' original cocktails or the thematic weeks devoted to a different fruit. Their drinks deserve to be tasted. Don’t overlook Barber&Cat!

After we have tried the bartenders' suggestions in the charming place, we continue on Yoakim Gruev Street and only a few steps away we find ourselves in Basquiat. This is one of our favorite places to have a glass of fine wine in a relaxed setting. The restaurant will make you feel at home and enjoy the comfort and the setting in a friendly atmosphere.

But it's already dark and it's time for something to get us moving. Coming out of Basquiat, we find ourselves directly in front of Kanape. The place has its secrets! Although at first glance you see only one small room in a relaxed setting, that's not all. There are two more spacious rooms, where noisy and fun parties take place during the weekend. If you are fans of hip-hop and rap music, you will definitely like it. These are some of the most popular theme parties, and the fun there is inevitable!

Only one block away is club Void. This is a place you can’t visit every day. It opens doors only on special occasions, namely live performances. In Void, you can hear both native and foreign bands and performers. On the stage of the club you can see literary performances, mono-performances and more. The concerts in the artistic space are always memorable and the stage supports musicians from almost all musical styles. You can party on a great hip-hip concert or burn a lot of energy on hardcore. Check out the club program to see upcoming events.

And whatever happens, wherever we go, in Kapana it all ends in No Sense. The cult bar has been in existence for more than 20 years, carrying that name. Generations change, but not the bar. In No Sense you can visit various music parties, a karaoke show, a game night and all sorts of entertainment. Once you get into the creative district, you will sooner or later find yourself in the nightclub. Dance with friends and have fun!

In Kapana there are many more places that are worth the visit. To be continued with the thematic bars of Plovdiv!