French province cake, home-made eclairs, Napoleons, French macarons, and many other delights lie on the streets of Plovdiv

The diet season is over and there are more and more places in beautiful Plovdiv which has delicious and appetizing sweet offers. Handmade chocolates, homemade cakes, French temptations – every dessert peeps from the shiny display case and wants to be eaten.

If you too are fans of small pastry shops which make you go back to your childhood years and enjoy a piece of cake, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t claim to be completely comprehensive because the delicious pastries in Plovdiv are so many but the city guide will reveal you its most favorite places.

There’s no way we don’t start with our total favorites from Bebba Macarons. Perhaps you already know them because we’ve written about them but if you still haven’t tried the melting-in-your-mouth French dessert which Maya makes correct this error immediately! In the pastry shop you can also try exquisite cakes but the French macarons are not only the best in Plovdiv – their taste is already well-known by many visitors from different parts of the world.

Author’s note: Order a cup of coffee. It comes with a special little macaron especially for the aromatic drink.

Among our favorite pastry shops in Plovdiv there’s a special place for an establishment whose display case seems as if from a fairy tale. This is Dolce Fellini and if you look at the delicious temptations long enough you may feel like Hansel or Gretel. Don’t worry, no one will harm you, apart from offering you some calories which are definitely worth it. Everything you can try in Dolce Fellini is prepared there by master confectioners. You will find an abundance of over a hundred desserts. Everything is exquisitely arranged because the hosts believe that appetite comes not only with eating but also with watching.

We can’t miss a place which is famous far beyond the borders of Plovdiv and the size of the sundaes they make can truly amaze you. The incredible ice cream sundaes in Stenata are on everybody’s lips not only in the city but also outside it. And this isn’t coincidental – in this small and cozy establishment everything is prepared from natural products with a lot of diligence and love. The establishment has a garden with an amazing view of Bunardzhika hill and the combination of nice atmosphere, quick and friendly service and unadulterated taste is a guarantee for your good time.

Another small boutique vintage pastry shop lies at the very heart of Plovdiv, on Raiko Daskalov Str. This is 5 o’clock and the place is so nice that you’ll feel as if you’re in a luxury pastry shop on Champs-Élysées in Paris. The place opened in the beginning of 2017 and in just a few months it became a favorite for people and guests of Plovdiv of all ages. You have to try the cupcakes and if you eat 2 or 3 and think that there isn’t anything more delicious – there is! The cheesecake is a true pleasure not only for your taste buds but for the eyes as well because the desserts are always served extremely elegantly.

These are only a few of our favorite places where to eat the temptations of the master pastry chefs in Plovdiv. Follow us because the city guide has prepared more delicious travels for you!