A Plovdiv legend is reborn under the leadership of a young and cohesive team to create a real cultural and club revolution under the hills


Petnoto na Rorschach – an emblematic place in Plovdiv, with over 24 years of history, which has always changed lives, excited and inspired people over the years. For more than two decades, the bar has been an iconic location for meeting friends, discovering talents in music and literature and creating unforgettable emotions, and for a few months now it has been under the leadership of a new team, which with fresh ideas and enthusiasm wants to revive its spirit and significance.

Lyuboslav Arabadzhiev, Valentina Shtarbova, Veselin Bayrev and Nia Kalpakchieva have always dreamed not just to manage a bar, but to have the opportunity to turn it into a cultural center and actively contribute to the development of bar culture in Plovdiv.

The driving force behind the idea is Veso, who felt Petnoto na Rorschach as his place from the first moment he entered. He inspired the others and at one point everyone left the corporate world (Lyubo - the transport business, Valya - the IT sector) to actively work toward their goal.

Their first mission of reviving the club scene under the hills has been a complete success. All by themselves, they cleared the ground floor of the establishment, which has been converted into a warehouse, and turned it into an inspiring space for the entire underground community in Plovdiv. Formerly a completely neglected, shabby and cluttered place - floor 0 is now the space where you forget about time and immerse yourself in the sound and atmosphere that the specially selected artists create every weekend.

Petnoto na Rorschach is authentic, one-of-a-kind, fully embodying the vintage concept. It's not just a place where people meet, it's where real art is created. Here, music and speech merge, creating a homogeneous experience that leaves a mark in the hearts of all visitors. The bar relies on quality drinks and being one of the oldest under the hills – it undoubtedly leaves stories behind.

The goal of the young team is to take the club to the heights of its legendary glory. Their idea is not to lean towards the modern, but to find the balance between tradition and experimental innovation. Each of them is not just an expert in bar culture, but also a true artist who contributes their unique talents and rich experience in turning each visit into a unique journey to an unforgettable experience.

As they say about themselves: " Petnoto na Rorschach is synonymous with atmosphere - a combination of authenticity, experimentation and coziness. Not underground, not mainstream – independent.”