Take a walk with Lost in Plovdiv at the royal hunting lodge before it officially opens for tourists


Photos: Tanya Grozdanova

The Krichim Palace is a Bulgarian royal hunting suburban residence, built in a former sultan estate, a remnant of the historic Great Bulgarian Forest, stretching from Plovdiv to Belgrade. The centuries-old oaks of the KrichimKoria, a wood near a river, providing magnificent natural landscapes with rich flora and fauna, fascinated Knyaz Ferdinand and he decided to create a hunting park.

In 1905 was build the first building – the hunting pavilion Austrian House, by arch. G. Fingov. There was also a small park with many regional and also interesting foreign plants. Deer and fallow deer were imported.

The present hunting palace was completed by Tsar Boris II in 1936 and is a two-story building that houses fifty-five rooms, with just the bathrooms in the palace being twelve. The majority of the rooms are preserved in their authentic look and everything is truly amazing. There is also a cinema in the palace, which was something remarkable for the beginning of the last century. The complete furnishing of the mansion was brought from Germany and has been carefully preserved for 110 years.

The size of the park today is about 300 acres and is home to a variety of plant and animal species - pheasants, Mexican turkeys, and even South American ostrich. Particularly impressive is the lake of water lilies, on which boats swam in royal times.

The Krichim Palace and its lovely park are one of the places that are definitely worth seeing. The beauty of this place, the scenery, the rich nature, the unique architecture, and the many historical references will make your walk really memorable.