The panoramic views from the top will take your breath away

Photo credit: Tanya Grozdanova

Although closest to the Main Street of Plovdiv, Sahat Tepe or the Clock Tower Hill is often outside the tourist stream.

Sahat Tepe is one of today's six Plovdiv hills. Its name is Turkish and means the Hill of the Clock. It is not accidentally called like that because a clock tower which has been measuring the time for several centuries was built on one of its highest points. It is among the oldest but not the first.

According to objects found, archaeologists believe that in Roman times there was a temple of the goddess Venus. The official name of the hill is Danov hill named after Hristo G. Danov. Besides the Clock Tower of Sahat Tepe, there is also a television tower that has been there since January 1956, at an altitude of 210 meters.

Sahat Tepe is the only hill, from which you can see all open scenes in the city. To the east, there are the Three Hills and the Ancient Theater, to the west - the summer theater of Bunardzhika and at its foot is the Orpheus summer cinema. In the distance, the mountains and the plain merge into one, and we remain silent again in front of the beauty of our hometown: