Explore one of the greatest Plovdiv sights from unsuspected points of view and corners

Photo credit: Tanya Grozdanova

To visit Plovdiv or to live in it and never to have visited the Ancient Theater is something absolutely unheard of! The Ancient Theater of Philippopolis is one of the best preserved ancient theaters in the world. Its exquisite beauty will capture and transfer you to the time of Emperor Trajan in the beginning of the 2nd century. Undoubtedly, in our series Expats in Plovdiv, it is the landmark that astonishes everyone and makes them hold their breath in front of its magnificent appearance and masterful performance. Because of this, Plovdiv is deservedly compared to Rome, Athens, Florence and a number of other cities that have proved to be exemplars of architectural art.

Part of the team of the only digital guide in the City of the Seven Hills has been able to come in and look in detail from every corner in order to reveal to our readers the details we often miss, trying to capture the whole panorama.