Nine artists present their works in some of the iconic houses in the Old Town and gather the audience hungry for fine arts for a whole month


Photos: Tanya Grozdanova

The national autumn exhibitions are held in September in the exhibition spaces of Balabanova House, Hindliyan House and Mexican Art House in Old Plovdiv. They are one of the first events of the Autumn Salon of Arts in Plovdiv, part of the city's cultural calendar - a forum for contemporary Bulgarian art, providing an opportunity for artistic expression outside the gallery or museum spaces, where audiences usually meet visual art.

This year's event is entitled Places on Demand and doesn’t aim to set a theme for the participants, nor to urge spectators to understand the exhibitions through its prism. Instead, Places on Demand speaks to the dimensions of a new spatial structuring of the world that stems from the accumulation of diverse cultural traditions and the state of civilization.

Although outside the art salon, a must-see is the Vazrazhdane Gallery, which celebrates its fourth century with the magical exhibition Images from the Seventh Heaven by Petar Michev - Pedro. Petar Michev has participated in over 450 group openings and has realized over 160 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria, Europe and America. The artist's name is forever inscribed in the golden book of Palm Beach. Petar Michev's work Madonna of Florida is in the Senate Museum and was chosen as a postage stamp - a symbol of the state. Petar Michev - Pedro is among the most expensive Bulgarian artists.

Michev has sold over 16,000 paintings. His paintings are owned by more than 50 museums, galleries, foundations and celebrities around the world, including George W. Bush, Vladimir Putin, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, American film actor Stephen Segal, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer and Russian multimillionaire Gennadiy Gaydamak. In addition to the Vatican Museum, when he was alive, Pope John Paul II has placed a painting in his private collection.