Let's fly in the clouds above the Rose Valley

We continue our series with places for one-day tourism around Plovdiv with the picturesque Bulgarian town of Sopot. Situated at the foot of the Balkan Mountains and at the same time about 60 km from the town under the hills, the hometown of the great Bulgarian writer and poet Ivan Vazov is a particularly appropriate place when we want to combine the walk with a little history.

The town was founded three millennia ago and was an important center for Vasil Levski's activity. The women's convent in the town was one of his famous hiding places, where he hid dressed as a woman. In 1845 - 1846 one of the biggest revival churches on the Bulgarian lands was built in Sopot, a masterpiece of the Bratsigovo building school - the St. Apostles Peter and Paul Church (the Lower Church), which can be visited even today.

Since 2014, Sopot is also a favorite place for all lovers of extreme sports, offering a wide choice of different activities in the field of paragliding, and rock climbing. You can reach the Pochivaloto area by cable car, where everyone can fly with an experienced instructor and float like a bird in the clouds. Lift Sopot is the longest passenger seating cable car in Bulgaria – 3990 m. It consists of two parts. The first one starts from the outskirts of the town of Sopot, near the Sopot Ascension of the Lord Monastery and reaches the Pochivaloto area, overcoming the displacement of 832 m. It was built in 1980, its length is 2630 m, and the travel time – 22 min. The second part is in reconstruction at the moment but it reaches the area of the Nezabravka hut and its length is 1360 m.