4 of our favorite places where you can enjoy live piano music and talented vocals


Piano bars began to gain popularity mostly after World War II. In fact, back in the 1920s, many homes in the United States had this instrument in their living room, and it was a normal practice for family and friends to gather around it to have fun and sing their favorite songs.

New York is one of the first places where piano bars spread with great force. Most neighborhoods in the Big Apple have had at least one such place with dozens of regular visitors who liked the music and atmosphere.

It is customary to divide piano bars into six different types:

Instrumental– in it the pianist creates only background music, almost always without vocals. Suitable for casual conversations with friends.

Bars with a popular musician– in this type of placethere are often guest "star" singers, who are usually the only ones who sing.

Bars where musicians and waiters sing together– there are usually permanent performers in these places who entertain the visitors, but with them, or in breaks, there are often waiters and staff to perform specially prepared songs.

Piano bar with “duels” – they usually have two grand pianos and two different performers on stage who compete with each other and entice the crowd a lot.

Bars where anyone can sing–people gather around the piano and sing together in a group.

Open mic – there, guests are invited to pick up the microphone and sing a song or two with the support of a professional performer. Sort of like karaoke for piano bars.

Of course, most establishments are a combination of all of the above, depending on the preferences of their customers.

In Plovdiv we can’t boast with the whole variety of piano culture, but we do have several establishments to take you to.

Piano Bar Gatsby       


The popular club has over 150 seats, and the most important thing is that you can always enjoy a quartet with four unique vocals. Exceptional sounding will contribute to the maximum enjoyment of music performances, and the venue is often preferred for organizing and celebrating private parties.

Piano Bar Sinatra

With its location on the top floor of the Ramada Princess Trimontium Hotel Sinatra Piano Bar offers both beautiful music and an excellent view of Old Plovdiv and the Ancient Theater. Popular names from the Bulgarian pop and rock scene are frequently invited, and during the breaks waiters warm the audience with their talented performances. The bar is part of a chain that has sites in other major cities in Bulgaria. They have a unique selection of branded beverages and pamper the connoisseurs with bottles of whiskey from limited collections.

Quattro Piano Bar

It is one of the oldest piano bars in the City under the hills. The professionalism and innovation that distinguishes the team of the bar, the quality sound and the correct attitude towards the client manage to attract the most diverse and interesting people with an attitude to music. The bar has 120 seats, and the pleasant and clean design predisposes to real relaxation and fun. The grand piano is central, with an oval bar attached to it. It is located in the Thursday Market building that houses our beloved Memory Restaurant, and often parties continue until there are people who want to dance and sing.

Beli Noshti Piano Bar

The bar is located on the top floor of one of the tallest buildings in Plovdiv - the St. Petersburg Park Hotel, and is the latest addition to the club scene under the hills. The place is not very big, but it creates a pleasant feeling of coziness and atmosphere rather of gathering with friends. The panorama from above is impressive, and the music from the fingers of the talented pianist and the two vocals is pleasant and relaxing.

And where do you have fun?