Our team continued to look for places where we can eat deliciously on weekends when there’s nothing sweeter than lying in bed late


The article was updated in October 2021

As you scroll through Instagram every weekend, you surely come across dozens of photos of yummy-looking avocado toast, eggs and tasty mekitsas from popular influencers. On Saturdays and Sundays, getting up late is a must, and then the late breakfast goes smoothly into an early lunch to become not just a eating, but a whole social experiment. The search for the term "brunch" in search engines has increased dramatically since 2004, but this trend is far from recent. The idea originated back in 1985, when a British author wrote an article on how much a meal is needed between breakfast and lunch on Sundays to bring people together - those who like to sleep late and those for whom it’s already time for a second bite of the day. This is also one of the main goals of brunch - a time for meeting friends, a ritual of spending good time with those we love.

And although there are very few establishments in Plovdiv that offer us the choice of a brunch menu, we think that this trend is yet to unfold in the City under the hills. Well, there isn’t any avocado toast yet, but you may come upon quite a few other tastes, too, and spending time with friends is guaranteed.

We start our selection with the winner in the category New Wave: Brunch from the Bacchus Awards for 2019. This is our favorite Multi Culti Gastro Bar, where the whole concept is organized to offer interesting offers from various countries that can easily be combined with a cocktail. There, you can enjoy brunch all week long and you don't have to wait for the weekend at all. The eggs Benedict are a total classic, but today, from the gastro bar, they suggest we try the more exotic tastes.

In the spring of this year, one of the beloved Sofia restaurants, which also has a menu in this direction, set foot on Plovdiv soil. Tables Kapana offers the perfect combination of classic brunch recipes and drinks to complement the taste and take our culinary experience to another level. Toast with hummus, eggs Benedict, French toast with ice cream and jam, interesting combinations in bowls - all this looks and is just as delicious as it sounds when we say it. There is no need to limit yourself to the hours between breakfast and lunch, because it is appropriate to sit here from morning to night, but we won’t lie – it’s the sweetest in the weekend!


Similar in concept is a place nestled under one of the buildings around the Roman stadium - Mekitsa § Cafe. You won’t get the traditional brunch menu, but you can enjoy freshly made mekitsi and buhti with different toppings at any time. Perfect for those who don’t feel like preparing them at home. They often have offers of the month, which makes the menu varied.

Most recently, a special weekend menu was presented by Pizzeria Speziale. From 9 am during the weekends you can enjoy your favorite breakfast - pancakes, muffins, toast and hot banitsa. Definitely worth trying them on the coming weekends and sharing delicious food with your loved ones.

The lazy weekend mornings seem to be a little busier now!