There are a few days left until the holiday of love and if you’re thinking of marriage, we are ready with the places where you can propose your spouse.

The holiday of love is in a few days. We are surrounded by teddy bears and hearts everywhere, restaurants and couverts are being advertised for the evening of February 14th but what to do if we have decided on one of the most important steps in our love life?

The team of Lost in Plovdiv chose several places with a special atmosphere, where two hearts in love can make it seem that love is in the air. And here they are:

Bunardzhik–at the top of the hill, where the view of the city is mesmerizing, not one and two have decided to ask for the hand of their beloved. The place also provides an opportunity for a pretty grand organization but in our opinion, even the traditional fall of one knee with the sun setting would do the job.

Photo credit: Andro Dyulgeryan

The tower of Sahat Tepe–one can see almost the entire center of the city from it and it is one of the preferred places for romantic dates. Where the clock seems to measure the time of everyone who chose to meet under an open sky is a perfect location to give each other a promise of eternal faithfulness and a long family life.

On the Main Street - for all who don’t mind a little show and attention by passers-by, the pedestrian zone is also a good choice. Well, in order for everyone to notice, you can always organize a flash mob or orchestra ... What is important is to hear the longed-for "I accept"!

The Roman stadium - the visit is free, so lead your beloved slowly on the stairs and on the stage where gladiators have fought, get on one knee and completely conquer her heart. The good thing is that on a weekday it is not very busy and you can do it discreetly, but it is also suitable for organizing something more spectacular.

One more hill has witnessed the "yes" at least several times, and friends can always come to help prepare a special atmosphere. The Youth Hill is not so popular and guarantees more privacy, and the view from above is just as mind-boggling and filled with gentleness and love.

Photo credit: Pod Tepeto

If you are fond of Melpomene's art, the theater stage can become your field of expression. There, in the spotlight and in front of the eyes of the audience, your beloved will surely melt. You’ll also get applause from us for the courage.

Photo credit: Pod Tepeto

The bridge of the Rowing Channel - where lovers lock their love and the view of the water expanse is a witness of love, is perhaps one of the most romantic places in our city. Because in the embrace of nature and away from the noise, love is quiet and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

Even if you think that Valentine‘s Day is too big of a cliché, the team of the Plovdiv guide asks you not to run away from the love atmosphere.