Which are the places for fresh and healthy start of your day?

Spring is the time for detox, even more so after the big Easter eating. In recent years, smoothies have become a total hit. They are usually made from fruits, leafy greens, water, and ice, but there is no exact recipe to follow. It all depends on your personal preferences. They are taken as an alternative to snacks and provide the body with a large number of healthy nutrients and vitamins. The main difference between the smoothie and the juice is that the whole fruit is used here, not just its juice.

Whatever you prefer, we at Lost in Plovdiv have prepared 5+1 places in Plovdiv where you can start your day healthy with fresh juice, or replace your lunch or afternoon snack with a delicious and satiating smoothie.

Fresh House Kapana is the place where coffee and juice are a must in the morning (the two are always in promotion) and the breakfast of yogurt, natural honey, oatmeal, chia seeds and a seasonal fruit is extremely satiating. Smoothies and detox juices are also not to be missed. We recommend Banana Macchiato for all lovers of the banana combination with a pinch of coffee. There they also tempt us with homemade pastries, so choosing is certainly not going to be easy.

The Zen Place opened literally days ago, but you must visit it, even if only for the sake of the balance and harmony that the whole space brings. Here are the best zen drinks in the city, and you can make your own smoothie and combine ingredients without following a prescribed recipe. If you are not in the mood for a smoothie, try the matcha latte, which is absolutely necessary to eternalize with a photo, judging by the Instagrams of a lot of popular people.

We won’t surprise you with Vitafix, but their convenient locations and fresh suggestions have made them the perfect place for a person to eat something healthy. Freshly squeezed juices are always a good idea for a quick intake of vitamins and spring detox, and their smoothies fit perfectly with the buckwheat crackers. Who will refuse such a healthy superfood bomb? They also often make seasonal offers such as pomegranate juice, and the salads and the sandwiches are a good option for a lunch when you are in a hurry and have to eat something on the go.

My Smoothie is another place where it is colorful and delicious. The difference here is that besides smoothies and juices, there is also something to eat if instead of a detox you decide to indulge in sweet temptations. The pancakes and the waffles are divine, and hardly anyone can resist the chocolate that you can garnish them with.

To get a healthy end product with the smoothies, it is especially important to emphasize the vegetables in the composition and add fat and protein. We suggest you try avocado and spinach smoothie and visit Freshop where you will find more low-calorie recipes. For a full lunch, also add salads and nuts, and you will be guaranteed energy and will be full during the day.

At the Green Library bio bar, you will feel closer to nature and learn how to live with it. You can try superfoods in the form of freshly squeezed juice or smoothie and enjoy raw cakes and desserts made with organic ingredients without sugar, flour, and artificial sweeteners. Recommended stop for all vegans and vegetarians in Kapana.

We look forward to your detox recipes and favorite places for nutritious eating and freshness in the comments!