There is no one who does not remain speechless by the splendor of the colors that nature draws for us

Cover photo:  george_photographer88

In photography, the sunset is probably a big cliché and there are hundreds of shots that reveal the beauty of the sun, slowly hiding between the clouds. There is, however, no one who does not remain speechless by the splendor of the colors that nature draws for us. In Plovdiv, there are several places, where it is guaranteed that even without any special skills with the camera, you will be able to catch the last sunshine and if you are lucky, the view will be impressive.

Photo: jelev92

Undoubtedly, what we would immediately think of are the tops of the hills. No matter whether you choose to reach the top point of Bunardzhika, The Three Hills, Dzhendem, we promise you that under favorable weather conditions, a few more steps will be worth it. Perhaps the most popular place is Nebet Tepe because it combines perfectly with a walk through the Old Town or the Main Street before that. And having your drink on the hill at sunset is a Plovdiv classic!

Another favorite spot for those who are looking for the perfect shot is the Rowing channel, from where we admit that we often get breathtaking pictures. Whether you will choose the seats of the stands or take a strategic position on the bridge, it is a matter of personal vision to capture the exact moment and detail that will make you proud of your skills behind the camera.

Photo:  tanya_grozdanova

The banks of the Maritsa River or one of the numerous bridges above it in the west are also not to be missed. If you've already tried the previous two locations, we advise you to go out for a walk along the promenade along its banks to a good position where you can find your point of view.

And since we started our short list with the hills, we will immediately mention that another hill (though not existent anymore) also reveals the right view at the end of the day. The terrace of the MarkovoTepe mall is the place to relax not only after exhausting shopping or have a cigarette break, but to also use as an observation tower for sending the sun away. Looking at Alyosha and Bunardzhika or the rays illuminating the surrounding buildings, it is a matter of personal preference where to focus the lens.

Photo: photobycjr

As clichéd as it sounds, the balcony of your home or hotel would also do to the job if it has a  west exposure and good view, or the roof of a building. Sometimes the best shots come from the strangest places.

In case the footage from Plovdiv leaves you breathless, we also recommend you take a look at our photo tour of Sahat Tepe, which revealed before us unsuspected corners and beauties from the city under the hills. And the day is still ahead of us, so grab the cameras and find your perfect spot to capture today's end of the day. You can share your photos with a #lostinplovdiv hashtag on Facebook or Instagram.