Whether because of the ever-higher rents or the forced isolation along the coronavirus, we nostalgically thought of 4 locations that are no longer on the Kapana map


In recent years, the situation in the creative district is quite dynamic. Although at a much slower pace due to the pandemic, places with new and interesting concepts often open here, but unfortunately favorite places of ours close their doors forever. Whether because of the ever-higher rents or the forced isolation along the coronavirus, we nostalgically thought of 3 locations that are no longer on the Kapana map.

Happy pancakes workshop

We loved this little corner, which often smelled like Grandma's kitchen. The pancakes here were a decent size and had the most tempting fillings. The shelves full of jars of homemade jam gave it a unique charm, and the more unusual flavors such as chocolate and chili often enticed us for breakfast until last year. The lavender juice was superb, but unfortunately the cozy place could not withstand the gentrification in the district.

The room was taken in the summer of 2019 and was replaced by the Vertigo restaurant, which, however, after the temporary closure of sites until May this year, did not open its doors anymore.


We are sad that our favorite pastry shop for Turkish temptations stayed in Kapana for less than a year. We loved their tres leches cake with pistachio, but we assume that the reduced flow of tourists due to the coronavirus is the reason they remained only with their original location on the Saturday market.

The room is currently for rent.

My Place Burger Bar

In the distant 2017, when the restaurant first came to our attention at its old location, burgers were not so popular in Plovdiv. We don't want to be definitive, but they were one of the first places to ride the wave of craft sandwiches. They specially took the brioche buns from the Kapana bakery, the cheeses were of a special Italian selection, and the potatoes were fragrant and baked with fresh rosemary. Maybe about a year and a half later, they decided to move to the creative district, where competitors such as Skaptobara and Brickhouse had opened in the meantime. We can only guess at the reason, but it is a fact that before the end of 2019 they closed their site to Pavel Kurtevich. So far there is nothing new and the sign remains there. According to Google, the restaurant is temporarily closed, so we hope the situation will change.

Sushi Lovers

The two boys, who deftly rolled the leaves behind the bar and arranged the rice and exotic ingredients, stayed in the district for less than a year and a half. Although they also offered their menu through the popular food delivery platforms, perhaps the Japanese specialty was not so popular among visitors to Kapana and at the very beginning of 2020 they finally closed their doors.

A fresh pasta place is currently open there.

These are the places we thought of in just a blink of an eye. We are waiting for your favorite restaurants in the district, which we’ve missed, and which, unfortunately, we can no longer enjoy in the central Plovdiv location.