Summer weekends are just beginning and we suggest you alternate urban experiences with sea entertainment and cultural walks


Travel has changed dramatically since the coronavirus pandemic, and many industry insiders say tourism will never be the same again. Brian Chesky, one of the founders of the popular accommodation platform Airbnb, believes that the trend will now be focused not so much on visiting the popular major tourist cities, but rather on smaller places and local destinations.

People want an alternative to staying at home and forced isolation, but they are worried about getting on planes and crossing borders. As we found in one of our first articles on the topic of the "new normal" in the field of travel, purely psychologically they prefer to have the freedom to use their car and find a comfortable place in their own country, where they can even work in the home office configuration.

In the context of this situation, Plovdiv is one of the most preferred locations for a getaway in Bulgaria. Its central location makes it easily accessible from anywhere in the country, and its proximity to the capital has made it an attractive destination for Sofia residents every weekend.

Since last year and due to its hosting as the European Capital of Culture 2019, numerous places to spend the night have been opened here, where you can find a variety of amenities. Location almost on the main street or in the heart of the creative district, fast and reliable internet, restaurants with a variety of concepts at your fingertips and a diverse range of events, especially on weekends are just a few of the benefits that guests of the city are accustomed to having. Six cool places to spend the night in the center of Plovdiv is one of our most-read articles on the subject, and the apartments offer the perfect balance of independence (contactless service) and location in the center and close to everything worthwhile.

In case you have already seen the sights in the City under the hills, don’t give up a visit and view it as a basis for trips in the area. On the site, we have repeatedly prepared useful articles with caves, waterfalls, and picnic areas nearby, which will make your experience much more complete and combining urban with eco and rural tourism. So you don’t need to hurry and you can enjoy the opportunities for riding, eco trails, and even spa treatments in the area to a greater extent. 

And if, because of the situation, you have the opportunity to work from home, but the four walls of the apartment are already suffocating you, Plovdiv is also a very convenient place. You can rent a working space directly in the center of the creative district of Kapana and be one step away from the fun. Cat and Mouse Coworking provides a unique opportunity to work and absorb from the creative environment in a community of people with innovative ideas and in the field of various activities, as well as a chance to easily alternate work with pleasure. In this way, even if you want to extend your weekend stay, you have a convenient place from which to perform your daily tasks, and after the end of the working day, you can quickly dive into the atmosphere of the typical Plovdiv aylyak.

Summer weekends are just beginning and we suggest you alternate urban experiences with sea entertainment and cultural walks. This is our guaranteed recipe for an excellent time and maximum use of the natural resources of Bulgaria and the unique atmosphere of the oldest city in Europe - Plovdiv.