„Cat and Mouse Coworking is the place to make friends with locals and expats while getting into a comfortable work routine.”

Alexa West is one of the bestselling travel writers. Traveling alone in the most exotic destinations, she often learns facts and tricks that are useful to all, choosing “vacation” and digital nomadism as a way of life. Immediately after the university, she got on the first international flight from Seattle with $200 in her pocket, and today she’s flying in business class without even having to pay for it.

In one of the latest articles in her blog The Solo Girl's Travel Guide, Alexa ranked the 13 best cities for digital nomads. In the text, she encourages anyone who can to leave work from 9 to 5 to dare to work remotely, living in an exotic place with fast wifi, incredible food and an affordable cost of living. Among the recommended locations are two Bulgarian cities.

„For those Digital Nomads who are looking for a healthy balance of work and travel, Sofia is the perfect spot to call home. Take a bus to Greece, hop on a train to Turkey, jump on a quick flight to Italy – there are so many cool destinations nearby. AND the fact that Bulgaria has one of the fastest internet connections in the world certainly doesn’t hurt. 

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A little further ahead in the ranking is also Plovdiv, for which she shares:

One of the oldest cities in the world has some of the best Wifi on the planet! Cobblestone streets and Roman ruins next to craft beer houses and H&M – Plovdiv offers the best of both worlds for Digital Nomads. Here, it’s easy to make friends with locals and expats while getting into a comfortable work routine. Plovdiv is an awesome choice for someone looking to create a life of their own.

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The other cities are:

Bali, Indonesia with its lush tropical jungle and stunning beaches

Chiang Mai, Thailand with its welcoming expat community and never-ending options for cheap food

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with cheap street food options everywhere you turn and super relaxed visa restrictions

Kiev, Ukraine – when you want to get off the  expat path and away  from the trendy coworking spaces

Bangkok, Thailand with the opportunity to rent a super luxurious accommodation specially suited for digital nomads

Medellin, Colombia – a safe and comfortable city even for women who travel alone and open to racial diversity

Hanoi, Vietnam – easy to get around

Prague, Czech Republic –gorgeous architecture, western standard of living, and an open-minded culture

Danang, Vietnam – a beach town full of cafes and street food

Taipei, Taiwan –it’s not long until Taipei becomes the new hotspot for digital nomads

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico –a small beach town with plenty of places to eat, party, and work. Great for digital nomads who enjoy working hard during the day and partying at night

Source: https://thesologirlstravelguide.com/13-best-cities-for-digital-nomads-may-2019/