The large-scale “News from Home” photographic composition is inspired by the city's multi-layered identity and features iconic locations and images under the hills


Capturing the spirit of Plovdiv in a single photograph is almost impossible, but the Netherlands-based artistic duo of Anna Feres and Luke Conroy recreated the city's past, present and imagined future in multiple separate elements. They are part of the CONTEXT AiR residency program of the Municipality of Plovdiv.

The aim of the program is to encourage partnerships at a local level and support the creation of new works of art inspired by the city and its eclectic mix of ancient history, socialist heritage and contemporary reality.

• In May and June, the residency of the Ukrainian visual artist Daria Pugachova was held in Plovdiv.

• In June and July, the Belgian sculptor Simon Van Paris worked in Plovdiv. His installation “City Portrait of Plovdiv” can be viewed until October 2022 - day or night - in the courtyard of the City Art Gallery (at 14A Saborna Street, in The Old Town).

• In October and November, the fourth and last creative residency within the program for 2022 of the Armenian choreographer and dance performer Rima Pipoyan will take place in Plovdiv. Partners of CONTEXT AiR in 2022 are the Singer-Zahariev Foundation, City Art Gallery Plovdiv, Pod Tepeto, BNT Plovdiv.

“News from Home” is a long-term project under development, and its ninth edition is being implemented in Plovdiv. In their art, they deal with socio-cultural themes in a meaningful yet humorous way, using humor and irony as the main tools for critical reflection and expression. For the purpose of their composition, the two conducted field research for six weeks in Plovdiv, met and talked with people, took hundreds of images from the city. The result of their work here is a large-scale photographic composition with dimensions of 5X4 m, presented on the facade wall of the building of BNT Regional Television Center - Plovdiv, 8 Nayden Gerov Street.

From 11 to 13 August, Anne and Luke worked on site to install their work, and the official opening took place on 14 August (Sunday) at 7 pm.

Through the collision of various layers, the work also expresses the authors' admiration for the unique urban essence of Plovdiv as a place of ancient history, socialist heritage, modern reality and future dreams.

If you want to capture it in your own shot or include it as part of a creative photo shoot and video on social media, note that it is located at the back of the building, on the side of the hill and next to the designated parking area.

And how many characters can you recognize?