Every tourist, no matter where they have wind up, takes a little something to remember the place. Here are the interesting things you can acquire in Plovdiv and put in your suitcase without any problem.

Who doesn’t like to travel? Is there any other emotion that can compare to the view of a new place or culture? To the feeling of merging with the locals, of trying traditional food or trying to have a conversation with a person with whom you literally speak different languages, but still manage to understand each other through lively hand-waving and sometimes funny faces. Travelling makes us feel life as it is, it makes us open our soul and allow it to feel real happiness.

There are more and more flying people (we mean the ones who get off a plane and get on the next).  Low-costs are a real power now and a two-way ticket for €20 is a dream come true for travelers, no matter the destination. Big luggage becomes more and more and hand luggage is more than enough for a few days. We from the Plovdiv guide, as lovers of travelling, have also gone through the well-known struggles of what you can and cannot carry in your hand luggage. Precisely because of this and because we love collecting souvenirs from different destinations, we offer you interesting gifts for you and your close ones, which you can put in your carry-on.

Of course there’s no way for the fridge magnets not to be first. Having in mind that Plovdiv is not only ancient and eternal, it is also a city of artisans, you will be amazed at the beautiful works of art that are the otherwise traditional fridge decorations. You can find a small bagpipe made of faux or genuine leather. For those of you who don’t know what a bagpipe is – it is a folk instrument made of leather and wood, and if you wind up in Plovdiv during one of the folklore festival, there’s no way you won’t hear it.

Another option for an exceptionally beautiful gift is wood carving. The craftsmen with golden hands turn the wood into beautiful landscapes, views from Plovdiv, pictures of the hills or one of the emblematic houses in the city. If you choose the last option, make sure to take a walk around the Old town and find out what you are actually carrying with you.

There’s no way we’re not mentioning the rose oil and its beauty byproducts. It is one of the most expensive essential oils, which is used in different cosmetics for face and body. Apart from its lovely smell, the oil gives the skin a fresh look and yes, you can carry it in your suitcase. The packages are different sizes and the admissible liquid in your hand luggage should be stored in a flask no bigger than 50 ml, so everything is under control.

If you still keep the child in you alive, you can get a unique handmade doll of yarn and wool. The different animals and manikins will give you joy and make you smile and if you take a walk and see the Old town, you will also see the puppets, some of which are used in children’s theaters not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe.

And there’s no way not to finish with folk clothing. You probably won’t need a whole garb because it has several elements, namely a shirt, a dress, an apron, a headscarf and pafts (a belt with handcarved decorations made out of metal). Still you can easily get a beautiful shirt with traditional embroidery, which are a big fashion trend, or pafts which can be a great statement piece. If you don’t like this you can always “steal” an apron of the same style. Although it may not be hand-sewn, it will bring in a great mood in your kitchen.