We illustrate how the City under the hills has changed with a few pictures from the central part


The history and appearance of Plovdiv in the past is undoubtedly one of our favorite topics. We are pleased to open any book in which we can find information about long-forgotten facts and events, and today we will show you how the City under the hills has changed in recent years.

With some shots, we may even surprise you, because there is almost no difference, or it is minimal, and in others, everything is totally different!

This is a view of Zhelezarska Street where it connects with Konstantin Stoilov. In 1890 there were a variety of commercial shops and stalls. Today, the buildings look completely different - massive buildings were erected in place of the wooden buildings.

The archive photo is from 1926 and as we can see the view from the Roman Stadium to Zhelezarska St has not changed dramatically.

The year is 1981, and the archive footage shows that at that time there was still a direct entrance from ZhelezarskaStreet to Kurtevich Street in Kapana.

The old photo was taken in the 90s, so the situation has not changed much. Well, maybe the direction of traffic is reversed and certainly the house has not yet been turned into a "jewelry home."

Again, the 1990s and it seems that apart from the reversed movement that we noticed in the picture above and the more modern city toilets, little has changed.

This is a fraction of the situation in the central city area, but we are sure that if we dive deeper in Kapana and the neighborhoods, the situation will be radically different. For good or bad, the city is changing but we hope that truly the valuable things will remain not only in the archive.