It dates back millennia BC and this is one of the oldest cities in Europe

If Bulgaria is a piece of paradise, as many people define it, then Plovdiv is the apple of knowledge that sprout in the Garden of Eden. It is combined knowledge not only in the face of museums, but also the people who carry the story in themselves. It dates back millennia BC and this is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is a city that is developing under several layers of archaeological finds, so people often say that Plovdiv and its people are moving in the history.

From 6th century BC until today, the city is unshakable as to time as to the peoples who have inhabited. Here, together, people of different ethnicity and religions lives, united under the iconic hills, from which came the name of the city - The City under the Hills.

The motto "Ancient and eternal" is not random. The second largest city in Bulgaria is one of the best developing. The future European Capital of Culture combines art, culture, business, and history - things that very rarely you can be found together in one city. Plovdiv gain the recognition and respect of all peoples. It carries many legends, among them those of magical water from the tap of the current Youth hill and there is a legend, which tells that there were fairies in Plovdiv.

Plovdiv is like a living organism that breathes, pulsates and develops. It has its own character and it occurs imperceptibly and so tactfully that you can’t not fall in love with him. Philippopolis as it was called once, combines the advantages of big, cosmopolitan city and the tranquility of small towns. Filth with entertainment and culture, including theaters, numerous galleries, shops crafts in which the writers create their works and nightlife venues, made for fun and for every musical taste. As traditional cuisine, of course, you can meet Italians, Frenchmen and Spaniards who have moved to live and cook delicious dishes right in the ancient city.

The former Philippopolis is like a charming young Greek woman in a white dress in the summer, stealing the eyes of everyone and everyone secretly hopes to see her again. Ostensibly visible to the naked eye, but it’s keeping mystery in itself, which encourage you to explore. Besides the boulevards with the roses, and the amazing parks, Plovdiv has a small but remarkable and full of spirit corners, keeping the living feeling of comfort, warmth and hospitality that makes visitors want to come back again and again.

Not accidentally, more and more people choose exactly Plovdiv for the best tourist destination. And even much more - for their home. It is the perfect place to let your heart and you will fall in love with it.