The hot summer days are in full swing, and as we suppose you’ve already gone around all of our city pool suggestions, the team of the digital guide of Plovdiv has prepared for you a few places that are a little farther away


The article was updated in July 2022

Even though it's still the middle of the week, surely we’re all dreaming about the weekend and we are looking for alternatives for pleasant experiences. The hot summer days are in full swing, and as we suppose you’ve already gone around all of our city pool suggestions, the team of the digital guide of Plovdiv has prepared for you a few places that are a little farther away.

For some you can use intercity transport, for others you’ll need your own transport, but it is certainly a good idea to escape the weekend from the suffocating embrace of the urban jungle and to rest for a moment without being surrounded by multi-story buildings.

Undoubtedly, the closest locations are the swimming pools in the villages around the city. Park and Spa Hotel Markovo offers a beautiful view of the city and the open water facility has quickly become the most preferred place of Plovdiv residents to cool down and relax in the summer. There is a separate part for children, and in one part of the yard there is also an outdoor playground. The good thing here is that you have at your disposal several restaurants, a lobby bar and a children's center, where you can let your child play under supervision and you get the sun-kissed skin you’re longing for.

Another preferred place for the residents of Plovdiv is the outdoor pool of Alchemist Residence Von Goldenbourg in the village of Belashtitsa. It is set among the palm trees, next to the restaurant garden and near the Jacuzzi and is an excellent location for relaxation and sunset watching.

We have already told you about the Trakiets complex in several different articles, as our recommended destination for horseback riding or spa, but their outdoor pool is also quite impressive, as it flows into a lake on three sides. There is an area for children with a depth of 50 cm and a jacuzzi corner. It works only during the summer season and its entrance includes the use of both the relaxation area and the gym.

We go a little further to a destination known for its mineral springs and preferred for relaxation because of its easy accessibility, even with intercity transport. The town of Hissar is famous for its 22 mineral springs and there you can go to the beach both in the big hotel complexes and in the area of the central town beach to take advantage of the healing water.

Quite recently, a large mineral complex - Terme di Hissar - opened its doors less than a kilometer from the center there. The pools, restaurants, bars and relaxation area are located on an area of 14 acres. Pleasantly landscaped with olive and palm trees, green vegetation and flower gardens, this place predisposes to a pleasant holiday and offers an eye-pleasing view! 2 children's pools, a large relaxation pool, a sports pool of semi-Olympic size, a steam bath, a sauna are available to visitors.

Again with mineral and hot water is the resort town of Banya, where you can also choose between the beaches of the two big hotels or the city beach. On its territory, there are three swimming pools - large with the size of two Olympic pools, medium and children’s.

We can also take a rest and seek coolness in the summer heat in the area of Starosel, besides ancient Thracian tombs and temples and cultural tourism. In the hotel complex with the Starosel winery as well as in the nearby village of Krasnovo and the Aqua Thermi complex, there are swimming pools with hot mineral water and the opportunity to escape from the big city for a day or longer.

The Sopot lift is also not to be missed, even more so because you can combine sunbathing and swimming sessions with the tempting ice cream flavors of Gelato & Latte, and we are unanimously claiming that there is hardly any more pleasant option for a holiday.

We turn sharply in another direction, where in the Pazardzhik area there are also opportunities for swimming and tanning. Luda Yana Beach Complex is located just before the crossing with the villages of MaloKonare and Ognyanovo. It has a large swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and for the kids - a children's pool and a children's playground. Another option is the coziness and tranquility of Varvara complex, where in the summer there are 8 mineral pools, and in the winter - 3. They work all year round and besides a day, you can stay the night and take advantage of all the amenities that the hotel part can offer you.

In previous articles, we've already told you about Colibri Pool Bar and AQUA Vision, so choosing is not going to be easy!