A short selection from the team of the only digital guide under the hills

After our article on restaurants outside the city center, we continue to often get inquiries about places located in the neighborhoods. It is true that you can sometimes encounter real jewels that are worth the car ride and the wandering around the unknown streets.

The list is short but we insist on it being something well-tried where we’ve found food, atmosphere, and good service. We start our virtual walk from Trakia, the newest district in the city under the hills. The construction of the first apartment buildings in the area began in 1973 in order to urgently overcome the housing crisis in the rapidly expanding city. The region is home to young and middle-aged families. At the same time Trakia Industrial Zone, oriented towards the electronics industry, was built. It was only in 1983 that the district was separated as an autonomous administrative unit.

Today it is a place where they have everything and its residents don't need to leave its borders in order to find tasty food, large stores, and spacious green areas.

STYLE is a restaurant in Trakia, which has adopted for its mission the enrichment of the city's culinary map with an inebriating delight for the palate and eyes. The indoor places are 180, and 70 people can gather in the summer garden. For those of you who want privacy, there is also a VIP room with sofas. The cuisine is European and includes a wide range of things - from pizza to fish specialties. It is suitable for a family dinner, as well as for corporate parties, personal celebrations, and business dinners. The concept of the owners is not only to satisfy the traditional tastes but also to change them in a better and aesthetic direction. Because eating is aesthetics.

When we talk about fish restaurants, we usually think of one or two that have been proven over the years. Here, however, we want to tell you about a little hidden place, which is in no way inferior to the well-known names. 100 ribi is a great place for family and friendly encounters. The fish and specialties are always fresh, and the fried squid - unique! You can choose from the warm showcase for takeaway or eat a dish that can take you to the seashore for a moment. We strongly recommend it to all connoisseurs. The prices are quite acceptable, and the food - really delicious.

We’ve mentioned the last restaurant in the article on the most delicious pizza in Plovdiv but Amore deserves to be among the ones we recommend in Trakia, not just because of the Italian specialty. They opened their doors in 2014 and a few years later they established themselves as a name that all associate with coziness, good service, and very tasty food. They refresh their menu seasonally and the offers are varied and always have interesting ingredients.

And which are your preferred places to eat in Trakia district in Plovdiv?