Оur team went around the neighborhoods and discovered the few restaurants that will make you catch a taxi, get in a car or public transport, or why not go on foot.

Plovdiv's only digital guide is constantly searching for places but is often limited to the central area. This is the reason our team to go around the neighborhoods and discover the few restaurants that will make you catch a taxi, get in a car or public transport, or why not go on foot. We are not claiming to be exhaustive, and we’re certainly missing some hidden treasures, so we’ll look forward to your recommendations in the comments.

Without any sort of arrangement, we start with Trakia, where we often visit Ribarnika to enjoy the fresh fish and the various seafood dishes. The atmosphere always takes us to a holiday mood and predisposes to share the chosen meal with a bottle of wine or a glass of ouzo.

In order to meet the requirements of beer lovers, we recommend visiting the Jagerhof beerhouse where you can feel the spirit of Bavaria from every corner and enjoy live beer. Different traditional Bulgarian and typical Bavarian salads, dishes and desserts are selected in the menu, and the garden is also suitable for families with children and personal celebrations.

For those of you who are in Küçük Paris, the guide under the hills selected two places. Menu will immerse you in an incredible world of deliciously prepared food, good service, pleasant atmosphere and unforgettable memories. It is preferred by the residents of the neighborhood and during the summer months, it is difficult to find a table, even inside.

We can’t forget to mention Note Di Vino La Famiglia, which last year won the title of "Best Family Restaurant" by BHRA. Note Di Vino is a complex of three restaurants in one building. The two are aimed at families with children, with nice children's places in them, with animators who care and entertain children and the third is focused on the feeling of something different. An authentic grand piano and a pianist, his eyes closed, immersed in his incredible performance. Lighted candles. A lot of wine! A smell of freshly baked bread. Special attitude from the door. Smiling successful people say cheers and the fireplace burns ... Food, captivating, aromatic.

We continue our walk through the neighborhoods in the direction of Hristo Smirnenski and before we reach the Rowing Channel area, we must necessarily get to Osteria Rosmarino, especially if you are a fan of Italian cuisine and want to feel Italy on the top of your palate. In Osteria Rosmarino, eating has been turned into a whole ritual. When you put in a soul and good feelings even in cooking, people feel it with every bite, and the pizza and pasta directly carry you to the land of the Apennine Peninsula.

Quite close to the Rowing Channel, the choice of a restaurant is not easy. Grebetza is situated on a peaceful and beautiful spot in the green areas and is often preferred because of the authentic Bulgarian interior and the lovely summer garden. The choice of wine is enormous and the cuisine influenced by the European, Greek and traditional Bulgarian recipes.

For the fans of the Mediterranean cuisine and all the specialties from our southern neighbor, the guide of Plovdiv recommends you reserve a table in Mykonos. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the local Greek psarotavernas, where fish delicacies are prepared with a bang, while octopuses, squid, shrimps, crabs are served in a variety of ways. For lovers of greek street food who have no time for a long meal or all those who are not on a diet, they can go to the gyros pavilion at the back of the restaurant. There they offer their classic Greek pies with pork gyros, chicken or pork souvlaki or the famous Greek sausage loukaniko.

And here is our third option - restaurant Marbella, where you can find culinary temptations from all over the world, selected high-quality drinks, nice music, friendly staff and freshness from nature

And so we almost reached Karshiyaka, but before we head north, we will be in Marasha, where Le Petit Paris promise to take us to the French capital and we can start our day in a typical French style - with French onion soup, French croissant, and hot chocolate, looking out the window ... 7-meter Eiffel Tower.

We finish our neighborhood journey with four favorite restaurants. Brazilia bears a pretty exotic name, which at first glance would offer a quite different type of cuisine, but that is where you can enjoy appetizing suggestions belonging to the Bulgarian and Turkish national cuisines. The restaurant, located in the Karshiyaka district of 1 Filipovo Street, has a modern design, extremely cozy and pleasant, and their appetizing suggestions are deliciousness you’ll want to eat more than once.

And when we write about a little more exotic cuisine, we can’t miss Sombrero and Poco Loco. With menus dedicated to Mexican food and for all chili fans, there you will enjoy delicious and different food.

And we end up with our favorite BBQ corner - Porky's. The family restaurant, featuring an appetizing aroma in a delightful setting, will delight you with whatnot. The icing on the menu is the whole roast pig with a balloon. The menu of Porky's BBQ is rich and full of varied suggestions, of course, with an emphasis on barbeque and local dishes. To satisfy every customer, only fresh fruit, and vegetables, fresh meat and fish arrive in the kitchen and the mince is made in place. Porky's BBQ is one of the few places in the city to offer beef cheeks and traditional lamb sweetbread with butter, garlic, and fresh onions.