The shopping mall revealed for Lost in Plovdiv 6 things to make you fly on the wings of love in February.

In the most lovable month of the year, the romantic mood can’t miss Mall Plovdiv. Although it is often condemned as a Catholic holiday, turned into a commercial way to reveal our feelings to loved ones, Valentine's Day is an occasion to remind ourselves that there is nothing better than to love. And to set you up on a gentle theme and scatter Cupid's arrows around you, the shopping mall revealed for Lost in Plovdiv 6 things to make you fly on the wings of love in February.

For fans of the visual art Cinema City has prepared an interesting game with the provocative title Cinema Dates. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, using the application of the same name, you can fill in the cinema-themed questionnaire in the respective version, and check if you have a match in your favorite titles with your significant other or a total stranger. The prizes are a variety of “discounts from the price of DUET MENU popcorn or nachos” or “buy 2 tickets for a 2D screening at the price of one”, and you can read more about the terms and mechanism of participation on the website of the organizer: Cinema Dates. Will you dare?

We leave the challenges for a moment to bring a dose of happiness and romance back home. The Happy-go-lucky series of Kreo is with those sweet motifs that make us get sentimental and bring home the romantic mood. We recommend the scented candle with vanilla, which is perfect for creating a gentle and intimate atmosphere, especially if you have decided to spend the holiday of love in a cozily cuddling your partner at home.

And after the scented candles, isn’t it time for romantic jewelry J They are undoubtedly preferred as a gift from the male half, and today we will offer several options to ensure that they will melt any female heart.

The new collection of PANDORA is inspired by love. A lot of love, small Cupids, pink sparkling zircons and unusual patterns will keep the unforgettable moments and make the holiday even more special for the lady of your heart. You can find them on the ground floor of the mall.

Two different concepts are offered at the Thomas Sabo stand, which is also located on the ground floor of Mall Plovdiv. Jewelry suitable for engraving is a great way to express your love and make your gift more personal and with a message with the St.Valentine's collection of THOMAS SABO.

Again there, don’t miss to ask about the offers of the Spanish brand UNOde50. In their Genderless series, you can find a number of unisex models and give yourself the same bracelets that complement each other. They are hand-made and the design is incredibly unconventional and breaks stereotypes. An idea for both gentlemen and ladies who are looking for a gift for a loved man.

From Invoke they also ignite our imagination with some interesting and funny jewelry from their collection dedicated to St. Valentine’s. Because in February, love is in the air, right!?

And in order not to run away from the little hearts from 06.02 in the O bag shop, they have prepared products with romantic themes. Their specially selected handbags are a kind of foreign language dictionary and they represent the word "love" written in dozens of ways... and their watches in gently pink and sparkling white are a real luxury that every lady would wear with pleasure.

The idea of giving them attached to a balloon-heart will surely bring you creativity points, and it will be a nice tease with the child in every woman. Unusual shapes can be found on the balloon booth.

The shopping center reminds you to open your heart for love with the Open your heart for love promotion valid from 8 to 14 February. Everyone shopping at Mall Plovdiv for at least 100 BGN from a maximum of 2 cash receipts, gets handmade chocolate candies as a compliment for the holiday because it is up to us to make our lives sweet and to surround ourselves with love every day.