The restaurant has been maintaining its excellent quality for another year and is constantly enriching the list of dishes with new and appetizing offers


Summer is already in Plovdiv and although the last few days have been deceiving us with rain and changeable weather, there is no denying that we’re already in the mood for sea. For some, the vacation may be close, but others will still count the days until the big holiday. For all of them we have an offer that will take them directly to the beach. Well, it won’t be physically, but don’t underestimate the power of food, especially when it’s prepared by the culinary team of Salt & Pepper.

We have already told you about the restaurant, where everything is spiced exactly as needed, but today we will focus on some of their new recipes for the hot season. This is the best time to indulge in a bite of fresh seafood. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most suitable foods because it doesn’t have high levels of fat, but at the same time it’s extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. It is digested very quickly and easily and is low in calories - the perfect summer dish.

Be sure to try Vongole pasta, which is quite easy to prepare and may look very simple, but it is incredibly tasty - like everything simple, in which skill and soul are invested. We also recommend tuna tartare - again a recipe that you will get in literally minutes, but is ideal for a light dinner or appetizer when you decide to indulge in a real culinary feast. Lastly, we pay attention to langoustines and lobsters and we won’t reveal much more, because everything deserves to be not just told, but tried!

In Salt and Pepper they cook absolutely and exclusively with seasonal products, which are brought daily to ensure their freshness and excellent taste, and their lunch list is one of the most complete and varied in the city under the hills, in which you can try everything from crispy pizza made following an authentic Italian recipe to high-class ribeye steak and handmade chocolate. New culinary offerings are often introduced, and the level of the dishes remains as high as you can expect in a restaurant of this class.

The most preferred place in the restaurant is the spacious terrace, which surrounds it and provides an opportunity to escape for a while from the street noise, but at the same time to enjoy the cityscape overlooking Saedinenie Square. It is an ideal part of the bohemian spirit of the city, where quality food and pleasant atmosphere always go hand in hand!