The team of the digital guide has prepared a short walk through the restaurants that offer irresistible seafood in Plovdiv.

We were finally promised a hot summer and even if you haven’t managed to reach the sea yet, the team of the digital guide has prepared a short walk through the restaurants that offer irresistible seafood in Plovdiv. Squids, shrimp, octopus are only a small part of the flavors that will be revealed in the lines below and we guarantee that even if you are not seated on the shore, your taste buds will feel caressed by the waves.

For more than 3 years already, Ribarnika brings joy to its customers with a huge variety of seafood dishes and fresh fish. Here you can taste over five varieties of shrimps, squid, stewed river crayfish, pan fried mussels, pan fried frogs, over twenty types of river and sea fish in the company of a bottle of wine or a glass of ouzo. The space is quite big, with a comfortable children's corner, so it is suitable for family evenings and for eating in a more intimate setting.

Mykonos is the next place we can’t miss to mention. The restaurant serves only authentic Greek cuisine. It combines western and eastern traditions, and their specialty is fish and seafood. The quality is uncompromising, and the menu is as simple as possible. Most of the raw materials are directly imported from our southern neighbor and the rest from local producers. The selection of fish includes both Mediterranean from the waters of the Greek sea, and from the Black Sea, as certain species aren’t worse in terms of flavor characteristics than the ones from our southern neighbor. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the local Greek psarotavernas where fish delicacies are prepared with a bang, while octopuses, squid, shrimps, crabs are served in a variety of ways.

And as we started with less central locations, let us take you directly to Elea where Mediterranean cuisine is also celebrated and fish is the preferred product for culinary magic.

But in the central part there are also fish temptations. One of the places is the Italian restaurant Vivaldi, where the fish is always fresh, and especially in the warm months it is a great pleasure to consume it in the cool garden.

We share from personal experience that seafood lovers should also try the divine European bass, topped with vegetable spaghetti at Hemingway, which is the perfect summer choice for a light meal for lunch or dinner. A glass of suitable white wine will also add excellent taste, and the best thing is that you can then finish the evening with a sinfully delicious dessert at Dolce Fellini across from you. Everyone needs a day of temptation, right?

We can guarantee that two others from our favorite restaurants prepare seafood as if you’re on the Italian shore and not just because the owners are Italian.

Pasta e Vino Petraglia surprises us with a new menu every week, prepared according to the seasonal and fresh products that they constantly store. Don’t miss their fish offers, because we still feel the tortelloni al nero di seppia with salmon.

In Osteria Rosmarino Giuseppe is also an unrivaled master of seafood delicacies and for him, cooking is a real magic and immeasurable pleasure, and that really is evident in every bite. No fish is too big of a challenge for him, and we look forward to all the new offers.

Almost at the end, we will take you to a little more unpretentious place where, besides sitting and eating fish, it is very easy to take it home and consume it on the porch, for example. Well, we may not have a sea view, but Zlatna Ribka behind the Military Hospital is famous for its dishes.

For more varied offers, we also recommend taking a look at our article on beer and sprat, which earned its own text as an all-time favorite combination.