Spring of the city under the hills through your eyes

Plovdiv is wonderful through all the seasons and always has its hidden fascination that we from the Lost in Plovdiv team are trying to recreate through the texts we dedicate to it. Today, however, we will not waste much time in words, but we will look at the spring of the city under the hills through your eyes. As our readers see it and share it on our Instagram profile with #lostinplovdiv hashtag. Maybe it sounds cliché, but spring always brings the feeling of awakening and a new beginning, and there is hardly a person who does not feel the trembling impatience that it is in the air - an expectation of something new, unlived and beautiful. As we have written in the article Travel tips for first time visitors, now is the time when the city literally blossoms and you will surely fall in love!

Photo credit: George Prokopiev Photography

Photo credit: svetlana.kalpakchieva

Photo credit: kaloqn.jelev

Photo credit:iieuan