Recently, you can order your favorite sweet treats through their online store with just a few clicks


Having started exactly 30 years ago with a lot of hope and enthusiasm and their unique sundaes with unusual names, today Vicky and Vasil continue to develop their endeavors and enrich the range of products offer with even more love. Stenata now even has an online shop where with just a few clicks you can order delivery or pick up and choose your favorite flavor of cakes, cookies, muffins and during the spring holidays - homemade Easter bread and Easter cookies. We found the latter on one of our last visits for delicious ice cream and first we felt the tempting aroma of freshly baked dough wafting even in the yard. However, they are offered for the fifth consecutive year and are becoming more and more popular with everyone who tries them!

The festive bread is prepared, like everything else, on the spot with real products and without any ready-made mixtures. You can be sure that high quality dairy butter, eggs, sunflower oil, flour and everything else you need are used to make it, without saving on the products, so that it tastes good and authentic. Preparation requires time and energy, as it ferments twice and has some subtleties, so more and more people prefer to pre-order. When we asked Vicky which is the most commonly bought type, we were surprised to find that apparently the tastes have changed a lot and at the moment the homemade Easter bread with orange peel and chocolate is a total favorite.

It is very similar to the Italian version - panettone and is a real feast of aromas. In the confectionery shop they prepare the glazed crusts themselves and together with the chocolate they perfectly complement and contribute to a fluffy result that melts in the mouth.

The other option is much more traditional: with Turkish delight and raisins, and the third choice - with raisins and orange peel.

Our team couldn’t choose a favorite, but there is no need, because there is time to try everything and choose for yourself what to put on the table according to your personal preferences.

Since last year and during the pandemic, the confectionery has often sent pastry delicacies as a gift from its customers to different parts of Bulgaria. This is a very easy way to make your loved ones happy, even if you can't see each other face-to-face because of the Covid restrictions or other commitments. All you need to do is make a pre-order by 26.04 or until the quantities run out and the valuable gift will be on the holiday table of your loved ones.

In addition to Easter breads, Easter cookies are also perfect as a gift. They are prepared with a butter base of your choice with cocoa, vanilla or in a linzer version - glued with homemade strawberry jam. They are available in small or large packages and with the playful shapes and the homemade royal glaze, made of egg white with powdered sugar, are a favorite delicacy of young and old - with warm milk, a cup of tea or morning coffee.

Ice cream house and confectionery shop Stenata is already open and at the moment the yard is extremely nice with a calm view of the Bunardzhik sunken in color and away from the noise of the main streets. Because of the pandemic, you can now take ice cream, cake or a drink to go and drink it on a park bench. The taste of everything has remained unchanged for three decades and your day will certainly be sweet!