What you need to know when you arrive at the airport in Plovdiv

The popularity of Plovdiv as an attractive tourist destination is growing tremendously and it is no coincidence that even the American media CNN dedicated special video and text to it. If you missed the article, you can recall it here, and today we’ll try to help all tourists arriving in the city under the hills not to feel lost and to get to the right place quickly and seamlessly.

Getting to Plovdiv by plane is a bit easier and more affordable now, especially with regular flights from the low-cost airline RyanAir from Brussels, Bergamo or Stansted. It is also possible to take a flight from Moscow (Domodedovo) from S7 Airlines or take advantage of some of the tourist charters. The adventure begins when you step on Bulgarian land and logically ask yourself where to go. For the time being there is no shuttle from the airport, which is located in Krumovo, about 13 km from the city. So, for all arrivals, there are several alternatives: to have a transfer from the place where they will stay, have someone to meet them, take a car or get a taxi to where they want to go.

Firstly, we want to clarify that it is very important to be careful when choosing the yellow car and to observe some basic tips to make a positive start in the oldest live city in Europe. At key locations such as the airport, central railway station, central public transport stops, etc., there are often crooks who drive at higher prices. We emphasize that all legalized taxi cars should have stickers with the price list of the service. In Plovdiv, the prices are: initial fee - 1.50 lv., daily price for 1 km run - 0.82 lv., and night - 0.92 lv., the minute stay is 0.20 lv. The approximate price from Plovdiv airport to the city center varies between 12-15 lv., depending on the time range and traffic. It is possible for drivers to approach you offering to take you to an endpoint but they are not licensed and will most likely try to deceive you. Prices in the range of 20-25 EUR are high so don’t take a ride.

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and roaming for all coming from member states is free of charge. We recommend that you make a phone call using some of the numbers listed: +35932 6142, 6665, 6155, 9199, *1912, 6112 if there is no car at the nearest stop. Another option is to download a mobile application on your phone - TaxiMe for example.

In rush hours and in bad weather it is possible to connect with the taxi company slower and the car to take longer to arrive, so it’s good to arm yourself with patience.

It is important to note that taxi transport in the city under the hills is accessible and convenient and with it, you can easily find all the secrets and interesting places that our team is trying to reveal to you.