How to make our work day exciting and look forward to it

It's barely the middle of the working week, and we're convinced that for many, the weekend is like a distant mirage. Whatever pleasant emotions await us at the weekend, the hours spent in the office always seem endless. This is also the reason why the team of the only digital guide under the hills will unveil a few alternatives for you, which are an ideal option for bonding with colleagues and making work pleasurable.

Why not experience a thrilling adventure and the tension of 60 fast-paced minutes filled with uncertainty in one of the many game rooms in town? Each of them features original riddles and puzzles, for the solving of which everyone in the team can contribute. The result of the puzzle room game is developing thinking, making decisions under pressure, building trust in the team and, of course, a nicely spent "working" day.

Another option for all fans of emotions and adrenaline is the team kart race at the circuit near Lauta, where the regulations and the manner of conduct are pre-specified by the organizers. There are additional extras such as a guide, bowls, barbecue, hotel accommodation, special musical arrangements and more. Professional karting racers claim that karting is like love at first glance – if you liked the first time you can’t forget it and the more you drive, the more interesting it gets. Among other things, piloting a mini car is a great way to relax, de-stress, and improve the time you've achieved on your previous visit to the circuit with your colleagues.

We’ve already written about the adrenaline games in the Sila complex in our article on alternative entertainment and we think they are an interesting and different way to spend the day. They develop skills such as strength, precision, dexterity, wit, and speed. A great option for trying something new and for a quick influx of adrenaline.

A great location for team building outside the city and even a laptop camp during the week is the eco-hotel Zdravets, where you can combine the classic forms of relaxing holidays with the various forms of an active team building program at any time of the year. Eco Hotel Zdravets is the place where you will recharge your body and senses with a truly delicious food from ecologically clean products produced locally, in a place in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains. There are countless possibilities for entertainment: horseback riding, a ski slope, mini golf, a football field, a tennis court and a rope garden. After a day of bonding or outdoor activities, you can always relax in the pool or the adventure area.

Another option is to use the last hot days and cool in one of the swimming pools in Plovdiv or to organize a transport and visit one of the nearby locations around the city under the hills. The informal setting will surely be the reason to break down the strict protocol in the office and to relax, even if only for a day.

Of course, there is always the opportunity to hire an agency that will offer you thousands of activities such as culinary programs, extreme experiences, and creative sessions. Benefits are always of great importance to the organization and motivate people to unite their talents and perform quality work individually and as team players.

And how would you like to spend one day out of the office?