Traditionally, we start the year with a text to present the most interesting publications on the site over the past 365 days


As if by magic, another year has passed, which, although still marked by the coronavirus pandemic, had its unforgettable moments for each of us. The historical facts from under the hills continue to be one of the favorite topics for reading by Plovdiv residents and guests of the city. Apart from them, of course, we didn’t forget to walk around the beloved Plovdiv and make an analysis of some of the best restaurants in the colorful district of Kapana.

Find out in the lines below which are the most read articles for 2021 and let us wish ourselves many more fascinating topics and events in the new one:

The last place in our improvised ranking of texts is occupied by the story about the construction of the longest pedestrian street in Europe. This event was accompanied by many scandals and arrests, but today we can enjoy a walk along the Main Street in Plovdiv in all its glory.

The ninth position is for 3 emblematic Plovdiv schools, whose past takes us back to the time when education was a value and the graduates were proud to belong to institutions with traditions.

Next are the hotels where we can no longer stay, but for their time they were something unprecedented and longed for. Now we associate Berlin and Paris with famous European capitals, and hardly everyone knows about Molle. But back then they housed not only luxury accommodation, but also the famous Plovdiv confectionery store, an unforgettable café-aperitif and luxury café, cinema and the one of its kind skating rink under the hills.

Number seven among the most read posts on the site is the process of development of the Karshiyaka district, which had no afforestation, water supply network and sewerage for a long time. In the period around the Liberation, it was known for its many inns, pubs and workshops, but also for its "hot" party passions. Fifteen years ago, rapid construction began there, which has so far led to a dense population of the area and endless parking problems.

And since we write about delicious food, it is no surprise that the sixth place in our ranking is the pizza truck in the central part of Plovdiv… and a story about how the court baker of the Prince of Saudi Arabia prepares specialties of French cuisine for all of us in the city under the hills. La fourchette and their approach to preparing and offering food are a real breath of fresh air, especially during another lockdown, when here you can just take something and sit down to eat it in the nearby garden in the fresh air. Be sure to try them before they go to sea!

Right in the middle is our text about the best restaurants in Kapana. In the most colorful district of Plovdiv you will come across real culinary gems and we advise you not to limit yourself only to your favorite, but to experiment with different concepts and specialties.

Our fourth position takes us back to the culinary and fun life under the hills, revealing 5 old Plovdiv pubs that no longer exist. Back then the Bulgarian spent most of his time in the pub. His friends were there and the most important things in the homeland often happened in the pub. Well, there was no special district of restaurants and gourmet menus with a few specialties with names that are difficult to pronounce, but everything was not much different. Crowded restaurants, relevant among the various strata under the hills and again filled to the brim with noise, laughter and vast topics of conversation.

The bronze medal went to the Pepiniera Nursery, once considered the Garden of Eden in Plovdiv. Today in its place is Stochna Station, which in the near or distant future will be replaced by a large shopping center.

In the second place are 3 deserted places, which we all loved. Now they have sunk into oblivion and only their walls can talk about the thousands of happy moments that visitors have experienced in them.

With the most readings in the past year is the article, revealing to the people of Plovdiv and the guests of the city 5 monasteries to visit over the weekend. They are suitable for visiting in all seasons, mostly because of their proximity, but also because of the maintained surroundings, which include nature walks, picnics in good weather and escape from the crowds of urban areas.