In the craft district you can see with your eyes the skill of the masters. Meet Hristo who makes unique shoes and Vanya who is master in leather processing

The unique combination between modernity and traditions, the coexistence of cozy cafés, bars, restaurants, youth hostels, little shops, ateliers, galleries and night clubs, makes Kapana one of the most attractive districts under the hills for the tourists as well as the locals. The Plovdiv guide loves to guide you where to eat, where to drink coffee or beer, where to stay and to tell you the stories of the people in the city. But today we are going to take a walk through the workshops and ateliers and introduce you to the talented craftsmen and their magnificent creations.

We’re going to start with atelier Darvodelie, located on 3 Zagreb St just opposite the Yadroto stage. There Venelin Draganov and the small playful puppy Jaro will kindly welcome you. Venelin makes many things – key chains, magnets, figurines, jewelry, kindergarten decorations as well as bigger products like shelves, chairs and even half of a boat in a 1:1 scale for an exhibition. Sometimes he also carves but for him this art is too fine and requires more attention and respect. Whatever he does, he does it with pleasure, he prefers natural materials, and his creations are so beautiful that there’s no way you don’t take something home.

We’re going to continue with the shop for handmade shoes called MBG (MysticBulgaria) on Kozhuharska St just opposite Point Black gallery. The shoes of Hristo Voyvodov, Nina Dramova and their apprentice Denis have intricate and innovative design and are made of weaved textile and leather. Working with weaved textile is challenging but it makes every item unique and individual. They don’t use machines in the atelier, every shoe is weaved separately. They also make the soles from high quality Bulgarian materials. The designs themselves are extremely interesting. The men’s shoes are primarily of the beige-brown color range. There are some pictures on some that we aren’t used to seeing. The women’s shoes, on the other hand are colorful, primarily clogs. The soles imitate wood and most have high heels but are nevertheless comfortable.

After you find your ideal shoes, maybe you’ll want to combine them with a proper handbag. Then you have to go to Giovanna art studio on 3 Frederic Joliot-Curie St. There Vanya Marinova will welcome you with a smile. She makes genuine leather bags and the customers can choose the color and the design themselves. The produsts and the materials are of high quality and Vanya works with great care and attention to the needs of the client. That is why the end product is high class and even the pickiest buyers go home satisfied. Vanya also makes  wallets and belts, sometimes bracelets or a particular custom accessory. Everything from leather! She also makes inscriptions on notepads and books, again custom.

You may be satisfied with your purchase but this doesn’t mean you should stop here. A handmade jewelry or an accessory is never unnecessary and it can complete your outfit nicely and fortunately you can find them in many places in Kapana. In Piuma D’oro on Magura St you’re going to find handmade leather jewelry by the designer with years of experience in the leather production, Polina Kozarova.

If you want to take care of your home you should visit the JeliazoTo shop on 12 Altseko St. There you are going to find original high-grade iron made by the company’s own technology with predominantly manual work. Everything can be made custom and it is produced with special attention and professionalism. The owners promise to transform your ideas into real products.

In AtelierGallery Infinitude located on 27 Georgi Benkovski St you are going to find unique sculptures and ceramic works. The atelier is open for everyone who wants to dive in and create! The clay has the ability to absorb and uplift, as if time has stopped or it has stretched to Infinity, and after the baking it becomes a long-term structure. Every oval is infinite; every clay form symbolizes the Infinity.

Don’t miss Rakodelnitsata on the same street on No. 19. Yana and Diana work there and besides they exhibit the works of over 20 talented Bulgarian authors. There are so many things in Rakodelnitsata – textile book bindings, patchwork blankets, bags, scarves, slippers, felt lamps, porcelain cups and jewelry, wooden and knitted toys and a bunch of other magical things.