Making a ranking of doners in Plovdiv is a very ambitious task


According to a recent study, they are one of the most preferred options for "fast food" among Bulgarians and the city under the hills is no exception. You can stumble upon a long queue in front of the central and popular places around the Hali, Thursday market and some neighborhoods at almost any time, but with this text we will try to draw your attention to places that are not so popular, but we think you shouldn’t miss if you are a fan of oriental specialties.

It is assumed that doners were brought to us from Turkish cuisine, and their initial mention in history can be traced back to the 17th century and the Ottoman Empire. Their Arabic version is known as shawarma, and the Greeks also contributed to their current taste. They are the "culprits" for the fresh vegetables in the sandwich. In Greece, the doner is called gyros, and the sauce is naturally tzatziki.

In its original recipe, it is a meat kebab cooked on a vertically placed skewer. The seasoned meat, arranged in the shape of an inverted cone, rotates slowly. The outer layer is cut into thin slices while cooking. The most commonly used are mutton, lamb and rarely chicken. It is accompanied by freshly sliced ​​tomatoes, and the potatoes are placed separately in a plate with additional vegetables. All this is flavored with a special sauce, and according to connoisseurs it is an extremely important ingredient and perfectly balances the aromas of other products. It is wrapped in freshly baked bread, which the master prepares himself. (Well, is that really so, in some places we can only guess…) But now we can safely share some of our preferences!

An undisputed favorite in the editorial office at the moment is the newly opened place near Central Square, where Master Ramzi skillfully spins the skewer. He is a professional chef from Turkey, who skillfully promotes his page "In the kitchen with Ramzi Goren" through social media. His secret is in the perfect combination of crispy pita bread, original sauces, garden vegetables and quality beef. He uses tomatoes, lettuce and onions from his own garden, and all this is specially arranged, not just scattered on the bread. He first puts one sauce. Then he carefully spreads the lettuce, the flavored onion, the pink tomatoes. Next is the beef, and finally another sauce of your choice. A real virtuoso in the kitchen, and we will only watch to see if the queues in front of his place reach those of the Ice Cream House!

The next recommendation we received is for the place next to the Little Lilyana on Ivan Vazov Street. It is small and you may not pay attention to it, but if you pass by and are a fan of the Turkish delicacy - be sure to test. They only work until the early afternoon and not always on the weekends, but the taste is worth it!

We also distinguish the portions in Turkish restaurants, because who, if not the chefs there know how to prepare a classic doner kebab! You also have a choice - you can stop at Pasha, the pavilion of Antik on the side of the small street opposite the Hali or you can order from a Brazilia restaurant, which despite the slightly confusing name - has typical Turkish cuisine!

For fans of the Greek version, we advise you to try the options around the Medical University, as probably due to the concentration of foreign students there are several places there where it is prepared this way - with tzatziki and more fresh vegetables!

Are these the only places for the best doner in Plovdiv - we don’t claim to be absolutely exhaustive, because we leave the comments and additions to you!