Plovdiv is a beautiful city so it’s no surprise that many places under the hills are especially predisposing for love

It is true that for those in love even the most hideous places can be romantic as long as they’re together. Still the atmosphere is important. Plovdiv is a beautiful city so it’s no surprise that many places under the hills are especially predisposing for love. There’s nothing wrong with the classic dates like dinner in a good restaurant, there are many in Plovdiv, or cinema, but if you want to bring some variety in your love life or to impress with an interesting choice for a first date, have a look at the selection for romantic places in the ancient city of the Plovdiv guide

Plovdiv is known as the city of the seven hills, so it’s only natural to start with them. The obvious choice here is The Three Hills. A single walk on the steep cobbled streets of the Old Town past the beautiful Revival houses is going to take you to another time. Finish your walk with a drink at the top of one of the three hills. The magical view and the cool breeze are definitely going to predispose you to cuddling.

If you and your significant other are more athletic, The Youth Hill and Bunardzhik are both great choices. The movement will release endorphins in the body and make you feel even happier. And if you manage to reach the top you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view and a feeling of satisfaction from overcoming the challenge.

Don’t miss Sahat Tepe, too, another favorite place for couples of Plovdiv. You can see almost the whole city center from here and the small parks are full of life.

Those who prefer more relaxed dates can take a walk the long beautiful alleys of Tsar Simeon’s Garden. Not one or two first kisses have happened namely on the benches of the city park and we can only assume how many love declarations the trees have witnessed. The Singing fountain is an especially favorite place during summer evenings but the park remains popular all year round.

The visit of the central park is usually preceded by a walk along the Main Street – the most beautiful Plovdiv street. When the weather is nice it is full of people enjoying life with ice cream in hand. But even during darker days the Main Street has a lot to offer.

Kapana is another loved place for dates. This central district went through a real revival during the last few years and it got full of life. Many couples choose to spend time together in the cozy cafés, modern beer houses and cool bars or simply to go around the cobbled streets in order to discover the treasures of the art district.

If you want to escape from the crowds of the center take refuge somewhere around Maritza River. The area between the bridges is perfect for a romantic afternoon where the whisper of the poplars and the sound of the water will predispose you to tender love and caring.

Plovdiv is often referred to as a city with a special atmosphere. Perhaps because love is in the air. One thing’s for sure – there’s no way you stay out of its spell and you will either fall in love with this city, or you will fall in love in this city.