Our team went in search of the best-prepared steak in the city under the hills and found some places that are not to be missed

With the coming of the cooler autumn days, one can‘t imagine anything more appealing than a juicy piece of well-prepared meat and a glass of red wine. One of the favorite dinners of many of us and that is why our team went in search of the best-prepared steak in the city under the hills.

Every chef certainly has their secrets, but what is important for the meat in the first place is to be of high quality. To get a delicious and appetizing steak, the good restaurants use the highest quality and expensive beef classes. They often leave it to ripe in a specially controlled environment to enhance the flavor and improve its tenderness. It is also a good idea to know that the perfect steak should be prepared to the exact extent of medium rare and not a minute longer so as not to lose its juiciness.

And where to eat the most delicious steak?

We start with a place that received the title of the most innovative restaurant under the hills a year ago and whose concept is to offer dishes prepared with love and respect for quality ingredients and products. In Toro Grande, a special place in the menu have the offers made on a barbecue of coal, which gives the food a multi-layered palette of aromas, rich and smoky flavors and caramel crust on the surface. It is also suitable for larger groups of people, and the choice of various meats is enormous.

Porky's BBQ's cuisine is simple and comprehensible, with a focus on the barbecue. Here culinary is not just food preparation, but the right combination of the right products and flavors, presented in a proper way. The intimate atmosphere of the family restaurant will delight you with one more thing - the barbecue is just to the left of the bar and you can see how the meat is prepared. It is very well selected and we definitely recommend you try the pork!

Our third suggestion is Victoria Restaurant at Trimontium Hotel. Their story began 21 years ago in the capital, the original concept being for an Italian restaurant with a focus on pizzas. Over the years, their menu has been constantly expanding and enriching, and today a lot of their customers think that the steaks are definitely not to be missed.

We don’t hide that Hemingway restaurant is the place where it's all about delicious food, a glass of good wine and music. Aesthetics and coziness combine in the bohemian interior and somehow naturally fit on the old bookshelves. Chef Rosen Chakarov and his team rely exclusively on traditional seasonal dishes with farm products. With the indispensable qualities of local food, Bulgarian herbs, and tender 30-day-old veal fillets they will not only feed you but also tell you a story... All the steaks in the menu are Black Angus and are served with organic salt. We recommend the Ribeye steak with jam of red peppers and rosemary potatoes, which has a unique taste, color, and juiciness of the meat. 

If you are a fan of quality meat, we have another recommendation for you - the beef steak at Memory Restaurant. Their cuisine is a unique mix of Bulgarian, Mediterranean and European recipes prepared with the personal touch of Chef Alexander Bardarov. The menu is carefully selected and changed seasonally and the autumn one also promises new and fascinating tastes.

We finish our selection with another favorite - Odeon Restaurant, where Chef Harry Sopadzhiyan always surprises us and enchants us with his culinary delights. His original personal touch is visible in every dish, and the quality of the prepared meals is uncompromising. All customers are delighted and pleasantly surprised that a restaurant at a hotel maintains such high standards and a multi-layered menu. Perfectly cooked lean meats and a variety of options for guests on a vegetarian or vegan diet are a small part of the details that distinguish the establishment.

And where in your opinion do they make the juiciest steak?