This year you can have fun with an interpretation of the most sinister family at Opera Plovdiv or enjoy the magical evening with Halloween harmony for the senses


A night of scary witches or cute kittens, October 31 is always an occasion to let your imagination run wild and have fun like nobody's watching. Although it is not the most celebrated holiday under the hills, Halloween always has its admirers who have prepared their costumes a long time ago and can’t wait to embark on adventures.

The team of the only digital travel guide in Plovdiv collected some of the most interesting offers among the establishments in the city and prepared a kind of guide for the scariest night of the year:

Valere Restaurant

This year's theme is "Satiate your senses", and the restaurant offers a dinner inspired by the 5 senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

Valere believe that Halloween has a place in our latitudes, and not as the typical "treat or trick" children's pastime. That’s why they invite you all to celebrate this magical evening together in their typical style – with Halloween harmony for the senses:

The program includes:

  • 7-course menu with surprising dishes
  • Optional accompaniment of impressive wines selected especially for these dishes
  • Live music with the impressive harp and flute from @Orfeamusic.

The package also includes a water service and a surprise welcome drink.

Happy Halloween with the Addams Family Musical

Opera Plovdiv also has an interesting suggestion for spending the evening.

The show from the program is directed by Petar Odazhiev, conductor is Viliana Valcheva, set designer - Petko Tanchev, costumes are by Nikolina Kostova – Bogdanova, choreographer is Amedeo Giunta, lighting designer is Vasko Lisichov, and choir conductor is Tsvetan Tsvetkov. The translation of the text and songs is by Tsvetomira Tsoneva. The images include the soloists Yulia Yordanova - Kerana, Evgeniy Arabadzhiev, Kalina Kostova, Tsveti Penyashki, Dimitar Angelov, Matei Minchev, Nikolay Bachev, Daniel Rusev, Mariyana, Viktor Ibrishimov and Maria Atanasova together with the choir, ballet and orchestra of Opera Plovdiv.

The director Petar Odazhiev prepared a well-intentioned parody of the black comedy with a wink based on the cartoon characters that are popular all over the world and that carry their characteristic burden. The story of the musical puts these famous characters in a new situation - the grown-up Wednesday falls in love with a "normal" boy and the haunted mansion experiences a nightmare. The production team takes the musical dramaturgy as leading and subordinates everything to it – the actors, the choreography, the overflow of the mapping, the movement of the set.

Halloween 2023 @ Cat & Mouse

The most famous beer bar under the hills also invites you to a Halloween party this year on Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m.

Just come for a beer with your favorite people in Kapana, and if you dress appropriately and impress everyone with your creative looks, be ready to soak up the atmosphere and get special discounts.

Halloween Latin Party

And although we are used to associate CASA de CUBA with Latin rhythms and melodies, this time the party will be a little different. There will be social prizes from a popular whiskey brand for the most impressive masks and costumes.

Halloween Party and Costume Contest в CoolDown

The dark dungeons of CoolDown are home to terrifying secrets, murderous puzzles and monstrous creatures beyond imagination, and here are some of the tortures the establishment has in store for you this year:

  • Best Costume Contest with prizes from Dead Man's Fingers & Experify
  • Special Photo Corner from Skull Production to take your photo
  • Fortune teller from the Inner Voice cult
  • Themed games to challenge fate.

Halloween in Petnoto na Rorschach

The bar promises an evening of raucous fun, where you can take advantage of 15% off bloody mary cocktails or dare to face the game of "Dare to Dare" which will be open to the first 50 guests to visit the bar .

Their special guest will be Chilli Hills, and that guarantees more peppers than pumpkins!

Traditionally, the shopping centers also organize something, especially for the children who have decided to dress up and also want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the holiday. Magic tricks, pumpkin carving, spooky candy, free scary makeup – these are just a few of the activities offered by the malls under the hills, and parents can be sure that the fun is guaranteed.