Every weekend it is filled with hundreds of tourists practicing winter sports or walking and having a picnic in the forest. Can you guess which one it is?


Some time ago we told you how the picturesque Byala Cherkva resort was formed, and today we’ll reveal the interesting process surrounding the construction and development of the weekend destinations most visited by Plovdiv residents and guests of the city.

Everything probably started in 1935, when the Ruen hut was built for the residents of Asenovgrad. However, this made the people of Plovdiv raise their voices, as they too needed a place to rest. This task was undertaken by the Chakarov brothers, who ran a successful mill in the city under the hills. The most important thing was to find a suitable place to build the hut. The requirements were that it should be relatively close to the city, be on level ground and have water.

The chairman of the construction initiative committee, Doncho Chakarov, took his son Bor with him to the mountain. The two of them, together with other enthusiasts, headed to the Yurukalan area, where the current hut is. Translated, it means "even, like a herd." The group of hikers started walking around the area and the little boy sat down in a meadow to eat his lunch. When everyone returned to him, they decided that where the child was sitting was the most suitable place for construction. At that time, the terrain of the hut was reached by the dirt road from Kuklen upwards. A large-scale fundraising campaign was launched, but the family undoubtedly gave the most money. Doncho Chakarov himself was involved in the project, and masters from Dobralak were hired for its construction.

The hut was ready in just 4-5 months, and in 1940 it was consecrated by Metropolitan Cyril. To date, it is a massive three-story building with a capacity of 109 places with internal sanitary facilities and bathrooms. It is water-supplied and electrified, with local steam heating and solid fuel stoves. It has a tourist kitchen and canteen. During the winter months, there is a ski storage room with a towable ski slope. The road from Plovdiv is paved, maintained at any time of the year. It is also accessible on foot, and from the village of Galabovo there is a marked path with a duration of about an hour and a half.

The whole area quickly became a favorite of Plovdiv residents and every weekend they fill it with noise, laughter and games. A little further up there is now a hotel, but fortunately the area is still preserved and not overbuilt. You will always find a corner to spread out the blanket, and nearby, even if you don't bring anything to eat, you can have something both in the hotel restaurant and in the small pubs popular for their grill.