In Bocelli Snack Bar, customers call the owners by their first names and line up for a table and a delicious lunch


One of the main goals of the team of the only digital guide under the hills is to present you the popular restaurants, bars and landmarks, as well as the hidden gems known only to the locals. Where, if someone doesn't take you, you’ll pass it and most likely you’ll be sorry that you missed it later.

This is the case with a small snack bar in a relatively central location, but somehow away from the crowds. Even to us, it was recommended by the people in the area and after visiting it several times we found out why it is a favorite of everyone in the area.

The owners - Claudio and Vyara, have no claims to uniqueness, but only to a friendly attitude and delicious, quality food. The two have lived for a long time in Tuscany, where Claudio is from, but their idea was always to return to Vyara's hometown in Bulgaria. Plovdiv fascinates them and deciding to stay, the two found an occupation in which to be together side by side. They found the location quite by accident. At first, they looked for something in the main streets, but after unsuccessful attempts, the room appeared before their eyes by itself with a for rent sign. The curious thing is that they have always liked this street and the atmosphere it brings, so they didn’t think too much and opened their doors two years ago.

Cooking was not a profession of any of them, but rather a hobby in their free time, but they quickly got organized and today everyone has their own task. Claudio is the master of thin and crunchy Tuscan pizzas, irresistible focaccia and fresh croissants, and Vyara is in charge of the lunch menu.

Over time, they quickly became an integral part of the neighborhood and a favorite stop for all students and workers for both morning cappuccino with croissant and nutritious lunch. The space is not big and the tables really get occupied in minutes. Not a second passes without someone shouting joyfully by name and greeting cordially. They often receive gifts from their customers, and Claudio was very impressed in the first year of Baba Marta, when everyone who came tied a martenitsa for him. Students in the area before the start of distance education also constantly visited them, and many of them even returned for delicious food with their parents.

They prepare fresh dishes for their customers every day, and most of the recipes are from Tuscan cuisine. There are almost always several options for pasta, and sometimes, depending on availability - fish and other delicacies. They choose their own products, and in Bulgaria they have even found an unsurpassed alternative to the best quality prosciutto crudo. For their pizzas and focaccia, they are supplied with venison ham from the only certified producer of the delicacy in our country. They personally traveled to the production base in the village of Parchovtsi to make sure of the drying and ripening process.

Bocelli Snack Bar is not a place that will immediately impress you, but we are personally fascinated by the ease and intimacy it has created between people in the area. If you are nearby and there are places, be sure to stop by to eat something appetizing, and you can always take it home, too. Claudio and Vyara will welcome you and send you off with a warm greeting and a smile, so you are guaranteed to leave in a good mood.