We are used to climbing one of the hills when looking for wonderful views of the city under the hills, but in fact, only about 10 kilometers from Plovdiv is the highest peak in the region


Immediately above the village of Markovo, the Rhodopes Park begins, and a little further up and further into the mountain is the village of Tsar Kaloyan. The old name of the village is Enikyoy, which in Turkish means New Village.

After the forced emigration from South-Eastern Macedonia and Western Thrace shortly after the end of the First World War, Macedonian Bulgarians settled there. At the moment, less than 50 people live there, but the place has an exceptional geographical position, allowing stunning views of Plovdiv and the region. Just above it is the highest peak of the same name near Plovdiv - Kaloyan peak (elevation 834 m). It is believed that its name derives from the legend, according to which, during one of his campaigns, Tsar Kaloyan pitched his tent precisely at its foot. From the top, as if in the palm of your hand, you can see the Upper Thracian plain. It is also one of the fastest destinations for a panoramic walk. It is often used as a starting point for hang gliding and paragliding.

As a way of access, you can park your car from Markovo up the road to Galabovo to the Saint Petka chapel and from there take the ridge, and some locals also know of an eco-trail starting in the villa area of Markovo.

When you climb to the top, you will come across the remains of a Roman fortress (Kaloyanovo Kale), which guarded the ancient road from Plovdiv through the Central Rhodopes to the White Sea. At one time, this same road was paved with stone slabs, which the inhabitants of the surrounding villages subsequently used in the construction of their homes.

The route is often used for a short walk when we want to get some movement and escape the city, but without spending too much time. Be sure to bring water, comfortable and closed shoes and long pants, because in the summer it is especially possible to come across reptiles