...or the obligatory destination for an outing and picnic of Plovdiv residents in the past


Adata (from Turkish - island) is the largest island of the Maritsa River with an area of about 865 m by 265 m. It was once owned by Chorbadzhi Stoyan Chalakov, and years later Kocho Hadzhi Kalchov bought it from his heirs. Subsequently, just less than 3 years ago, businessman Angel Kukov became its owner. He acquired it from the descendants of Konstantin Hadzhikalchev, who received the piece of land in 1999 after a long legal battle with the municipality over the ownership of the natural landmark. The site is currently planned as a Sports and Attractions Zone with 80 percent landscaping and 20 percent low-rise development. It was rumored that he was considering moving the Aqualand swimming amusement complex there, but no action has been taken so far. The latest information from a few months ago is that some part of the island is also owned by the heirs of the famous lawyer Georgi Semerdzhiev.

In the past, a number of Plovdiv residents used to go there for an outing, to lie down on the green grass, to have fun under the thick shadows of the big trees, to enjoy the coolness of the river. Everyone brought out baskets, patterned mats and pillows and settled comfortably to rest. Transportation was done with boats steered with a rod, and not everyone could handle them, so for this purpose there were real boatmen, who could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Tourists arrived even before the sun rose, positioned themselves under the willows and began to take out pots, forks, plates, knives, spoons and all kinds of products and utensils. At least two or three large loaves of homemade bread were placed on the cloth, and they all started. The men - with the jokes, and for the women - the scurry around starting the fire and preparing the picnic feast. The children, on the other hand, constantly pulled their fathers to go to the river and fight, dive and go crazy in the shallow water.

At 10 o'clock, they stopped with the rakia and the lunch began, and somehow imperceptibly with it - the musical part. Playing and singing didn’t stop until dark, but there were no drunks on the island.

The outings and festivities on the Island continued until the Balkan War, but after that life changed radically and the holiday walks and the memories of them gradually disappeared.

The truth is that the very piece of land in the middle of the river hides many secrets, some of which may be revealed during possible construction activities there. Architectural fragments from antiquity can be seen through the impassable jungle-like vegetation, but at this stage there are not enough funds for research, and access to it is almost impossible due to tons of garbage, desolation and carelessness.