The alternative of the Singing Fountains is becoming an increasingly more attractive place for relaxation for people of Plovdiv and guests of the city


We have repeatedly told you about one of our most favorite parks in the city of the seven hills. A few steps away from the center, it is an excellent choice when we want to escape from the crowds. Last year we even took a detailed photo walk through the cool alleys and explored the local flora and fauna. One of the most impressive views of the city, the Rhodopes and the outskirts of Plovdiv rises from its top. A favorite place to send the last sunshine and to welcome the sunrise during prom and the first morning of July.

Fortunately for all of us, in the year in which Plovdiv proudly bears the title European Capital of Culture, Bunardzhika was restored. In place of the recently overgrown with weeds and deserted former lake with the bear, today, again, after more than 40 years of interruption, the newest fountain under the hills started working. Water attractions are managed by a special software, and at night the fountain is illuminated by artistic lighting. The plan is for the effects to be synchronizing with light, and later with music and projection of 3D mapping.

250 cubic meters of water per hour is rotated on the fountain. The highest water jet is 2.50, the lateral ones are up to 1.50 meters. The combination of colors for artistic lighting is up to 64,000. The pond is lined with syenite tiles and is in line with the environment of the hill.

At the lower part of the site, there will be attractions for children with instructional and information boards, trampoline and backgammon tables. One of the ideas was to have an attraction train to the top of Bunardzhika, but there is still no such thing at the moment.

When you are in the area or want to escape the popular tourist itineraries, it is essential to enjoy the new oasis in the center of Plovdiv. Around the hill, there are pretty nice places to eat, have coffee, ice cream, and homemade cakes and sweets. The alleys are convenient for practicing a variety of sports and at the foot of the hotel, there are two fully finished playgrounds. The Summer Theater stage also hosts events during the warm days. And the relaxation in the new water attraction is the perfect means of escaping the heat.