Today we are expecting a white-bearded old man through the chimney or rather at the door, and landing a helicopter in the city center sounds like something happening on another planet


Photo story: Vladimir Yanev/Pod Tepeto

Celebrating the days around Christmas in the 1980s and 1990s have little to do with the way we celebrate December 25th now. Many of the biggest among us associate the holidays mainly with the queues for bananas and oranges, and the abundance of toys and material items at that time was definitely a mirage! And just then, at the end of December 1990, something very unusual happened!

Santa Claus, still recognized as Dyado Mraz by most kids, landed in the city center by helicopter. The machine landed where the huge ice rink is now located. Hundreds of children filled the space in front of the former Party House on Central Square. The day was nice and sunny. There was a treat for all the children - a big three-tiered cake - and the welcoming program continued with Christmas dances, Vladimir Yanev recalls through his photo archive.