A photo walk through the colorful places in Plovdiv through the eyes of Dimitra Lefterova, the photographer with a filter for the beautiful


Some time ago we showed you the most colorful places for photos in Plovdiv in the spring, and today we reveal more magical locations where you can enjoy the fabulous wisteria.

It is a winding liana, which has lush grape-like blossoms in the spring. It climbs walls, sinks into trees, covers buildings from foundation to roof, unfolds around balconies at every opportunity and is able to envelop gazebos and summer kitchens. In the first half of May, the Chinese wisteria looks its most luxuriant, overflowing with heavy clusters of flowers. The Japanese wisteria blooms a little later than the Chinese wisteria and is most spectacular at the end of May. This year, due to the extremely high temperatures, we can enjoy it much earlier. It is believed to have come to Europe from China, and before that to Japan.

A perfect background for Instagram shots that turns every photo into a fabulous sight of colors: