Now it’s your turn with new photos on social media with the hashtag #lostinplovdiv


We are now officially promised good and sunny weather and it brings back our desire for walks in the open air to enjoy the colorful spring. The idea for today's text came to us along with the gorgeous floral shots of the photographer Dimitra Lefterova, who presents spring under the hills as a magician for us every day on social media. According to her colorful photos, we show you several places where you can seal the flowering plants and enjoy the beauty of your favorite Plovdiv.

The magnolia in front of the Municipality of Plovdiv

We constantly see it described as "magically beautiful", "fairytale-like" and we don’t think this is exaggerated at all. Every spring it gets variegated for a limited time with a whole palette of beautiful purple, pink and violet colors and there is always a queue for photos on weekends. Whether you choose the building of the Municipality as the background of this beauty, or you prefer to capture a frame to the fountains - be sure to take advantage of the festive weekend!

The Japanese cherry on Stefan Stambolov Square or in the garden of Grand Hotel Plovdiv

It is also known as sakura or Japanese cherry and keep in mind that its flowering period is short (only ten days). According to Eastern philosophy, it reminds of how short-lived and transient beauty is. In Japan, this is a very popular period for visitation from March (the most southern part) to May (the northern parts). According to Dimi, in the garden of Grand Hotel Plovdiv the trees are even more impressive. And according to a recent press release, Japanese cherries were planted very recently in one of the parks of the Municipality of South. This type of trees can also be seen around the Rowing Base.

Lilac beauties

This ornamental shrub is just beginning to reveal its enchanting beauty, but it is a unique background for spring photos. It symbolizes youth, renewal, spring revival. Serving white lilac means a desire to meet, and purple is a confession of love. Its rich color range varies from snow-white, cream-yellow, pink, light blue to lilac, purple, violet flowers. According to experts, it is not difficult to grow and therefore you can find it even in the spaces between apartment buildings. Just find the color you like and use your imagination!

The tree of Judas of Bunardzhik

Wild carob is a deciduous tree. Sometimes it develops in the form of a medium-sized shrub. The species grows slowly and lives up to 100 years. The origin of its name is disputed. According to many sources, this is the tree on which Judas Iscariot hanged himself after betraying Christ. The flowers and pods hanging from the stem depict this act. On the other hand, the term "Judas" might only be a geographical link. The tree of Judas was once widespread in the Judean hills. It blooms in purple-pink or deep pink flowers, arranged in clusters of 3 to 8 in number, without fragrance. The flowers are edible and have a sweet and sour taste. Flowering is observed in March and April. It's also available in many neighborhood parks, so just look around carefully when you're out for a walk.

Wisteria in Old Plovdiv

Again, in gentle tones like lilac, wisteria is no less photogenic! It is a creeping vine, which in spring is heavy with showy clustered flowers. It climbs walls, trees, covers buildings from base to roof, deploys around balconies whenever possible and is able to surround gazebos and summer kitchens. In the first half of May, Chinese wisteria has the most lush appearance, crowded with heavy clusters of flowers. Japanese wisteria blooms a little later than Chinese wisteria and is most spectacular in late May.

And if we start writing about flowers and colorful alleys, we really won't have enough space. Tsar Simeon's Garden is currently covered with a colorful carpet of various spring colors. Against the background of the already full Singing Fountains, each frame is like a fairy tale. Along the Rowing Canal you can also come across a variety of plant species and seal the spring in Plovdiv!

Now it’s your turn with new photos on social media with the hashtag #lostinplovdiv!