The project was launched first in Ukraine, and as of November you can see your face in the newspaper in the city under the hills, too


We recently gave you ideas for a few things to do in Plovdiv in winter, and today we will surprise you with another fun thing to try with your loved ones.

If you've walked down Main Street in the past month, you can't have failed to notice some interesting apparatuses, around which people are always clustered. They pose and then, with a smile, take an issue of the Street Press newspaper with their faces on it.

Most often you can find them around Bingo and just before the Roman Stadium, and the project itself was launched in Ukraine more than 5 years ago. They have been in the city under the hills since November, and for 3 years they have been working in more than 10 places abroad.

The printing technology is a secret, but you literally need 1-2 poses and a few minutes to get your personal issue. The payment has no fixed amount, but is in the form of a donation, and we guarantee that you will be served by always smiling and polite young people.

For the holidays, there is a special issue with popular verses from Survakar songs and wishes, and before that the layout was funny, but directly related to Plovdiv and interesting facts about it.

This is also our suggestion, with which you can create memories of winter 2023 and take something home to remind you of the happy moments.