The nice gift is presented in a beautiful wrapping

After giving you some ideas for original gifts to surprise your loved ones and sharing some of our favorite places where you can find appropriate, handmade cards, it’s time for finalizing Christmas surprises, namely wrapping. No matter what the occasion is - whether it's Christmas or New Year's Day, name’s day or birthday - in our hectic everyday life, we often don’t have time for these small but important details. If you've already selected the right gifts for your loved ones, but you're busy and you don’t have time to choose the right paper, ribbon or gift box, the best guide to Plovdiv comes to your rescue.

One of the most popular places among locals for beautiful gift wrapping is a small shop located at Otets Paisii Street, shortly after the L'Union Gallery in the direction of Artnewscafe. The place has been in business for years, bringing together professionals who will turn ordinary cellophane and ribbons into a true work of art.

Another place that will amaze you with creativity in the original surprise of a loved one is Fantic. This is a small wedding shop where you can make decorations for celebrations, postcards, and other things, but it also offers this service. The atelier is located on one of the paved streets in the artistic district of Kapana, and the exact address is 9 Magura St.

The next place that offers to wrap your gift is the place with the playful name The Two Jackdaws. This shop specializes in gifts and gift wrapping and it is located at 8 Mladezhka St. The people in it are so smiling that as soon as you enter you’ll feel that you’ve chosen the right place for interesting and original wrapping.

Another place deserves your attention and this is Digi 84. The hobby materials store is full of colorful mood, and the people in it are real professionals. They are able to pack everything in a way that will remind you exactly what the magic of the Christmas holidays is. The shop is located at 1 Dusho Hadzhidekov St.

There is also a small shop located in Kyuchuk Paris. The place doesn’t have a name and is a hobby shop for different materials, but the lady inside is very kind and would be glad to help you with not the easy task of wrapping a beautiful gift for a special person. The place is located at the right intersection to the Amaya dental clinic.

Everything is ready now! We hope this time we've been useful to you and made it at least a bit easier to in the great running and hurrying that happens just before the Christmas and New Years. We hope the people you give presents enjoy and appreciate your care, and we have nothing left to do but wish you a warm welcome for the upcoming holidays!