The city is home to one of the leading companies developing technological solutions for world leaders in the Smart industry


For the last 4 years Modis has been steadily establishing its name on the market of technological solutions all over the world, but few people know how much of its business is carried out in our country, namely in the city of Plovdiv.

It’s no secret that Modis Bulgaria is the reason why some of the largest and well-known brands in the world successfully develop and deliver their services in sectors such as automotive, energy, finance, software and industry. Bulgaria is home to the company's largest service center in Europe and one of the three largest worldwide

The activity of Modis in Plovdiv

In city under the hills Modis Bulgaria has teams responsible for providing IT solutions in the areas of communication services, management and maintenance of applications and networks, as well as other ITO and BPO projects. After the opening of the company's office in 2018, Modis has been rapidly gaining popularity as one of the city's preferred employers for computer science experts as well as specialists with language and technical knowledge. The growth rate of the company in Plovdiv inspires the team to achieve growth of up to 200 people within the next year.

New projects

Particular attention is drawn to one of the latest projects on which the team is working in Plovdiv. It is a popular global company - one of the largest manufacturers of equipment in aviation, railway and public transport with over 100 years of history. The project includes the provision of technological solutions, web support applications and work on technical cases in several different languages.

What professionals have a chance to join the team

The process of applying and recruiting specialists, both for the mentioned and for other projects, is in full swing, and priority is given to candidates with several main profiles. "We currently offer excellent career opportunities for professionals who speak a variety of foreign languages ​​- German, French and English, as well as staff with a technical profile, such as Salesforce developers," commented Zornitsa Dimitrova, Human Resources Specialist at Modis Bulgaria. "The working conditions, the opportunities for development and the experience that our candidates will gain working on these projects are competitive for the market and are not inferior to those offered in the capital," she added.

Why did Modis choose Plovdiv

Let us recall that after the successful development of the company in Sofia, Modis Bulgaria headed to Plovdiv to expand its presence in the country and reach a larger number of talented and trained professionals.

"We are here because Plovdiv gives huge potential for business development in the technology sector. We appreciate the large number of qualified specialists who are actively looking for opportunities for realization in the city. We are also working to support various educational initiatives and institutions in Plovdiv to ensure together the future of young talents in the sector," adds Zornitsa Dimitrova. "As for the opportunities that Modis offers for them, such are long-term career development, personal growth, free training courses and programs, as well as safe working conditions - the opportunity to work from home or in a modern office environment, competitive market salary and a number of benefits, including additional health and dental insurance, sports cards, food vouchers and more. "

More about Modis

In a world of growing closeness between IT and engineering, Modis is one of the pioneers in the so-called Smart Industry.

The company has expertise namely in IT and digital engineering solutions that accelerate innovation and digital transformation. The combination of Tech Consulting, Tech Talent Services and Tech Academy Solutions offered by Modis allows businesses from different industries to progress, grow and improve their business.

Modis has an international presence with over 30,000 consultants in more than 20 countries and a focus on cognitive technology, digital transformation, cloud technology and infrastructure, Smart Ecosystems and Industry 4.0 and experience in key sectors such as Automotive and Transportation, Energy, Software, Internet and Communication services, Financial services and Industrial production.

The company is part of the Adecco Group, a world leader in HR services and part of the Fortune Global 500 list of the largest companies in the world.

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