6 kinds of sharks, 6 types of rays, 7 species of the world's most poisonous fish can be seen in the Natural History Museum under the hills


On World Water Day - March 22, the new aquarium of the Natural History Museum Plovdiv, which is located on over 30 square meters and has 9 aquarium cells, was opened. There will be 6 shark species, 6 species of rays and 7 species of the world's most poisonous fish.

More interesting exotic marine inhabitants - fish, corals and molluscs, were taken from licensed aquariums, most of them from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. The marine collection has already been filled with 5 bottom sharks, three rays and 5 muraenas, and within meters are the most poisonous fish in the world –frog fish, scorpion, sea goblin. By the end of the month, four more "terrible" sea creatures are expected to make the collection.

The "sea" of Plovdiv will continue to grow, as sharks are now almost babies, but they will need more space over time. You can now explore and learn about 47 of the most attractive saltwater species, 216 freshwater, octopus and cuttles: